Absolutely Fabulous - Season 4

Friday 8:00 PM on BBC Premiered Nov 01, 1992 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Gay
    Episode 7
    Patsy's off to New York's fashion week and drags Eddie along for company. As you can imagine it didn't take much persuasion, especially after Mother lets it slip that Serge is living there. The pair get into all sorts of mischief in New York, including a Gay wedding, celebrity apperances and fashion faux pas. Meanwhile, back in the UK, Eddie's first husband and partner Bo run a christian TV channel. Saffy's studying people whilst in a cupboard and Bubble desperatly tries to be useful.moreless
  • Menopause
    Episode 6
    After Patsy cracks her wrist and finds out she is has osteoporosis, Saffron sets up a menopause meeting for the pair. Edina's businesses are going under and it seems that everyone is undergoing change. Then Saffron starts having day-dreams about the possible future...
  • Small Opening
    Episode 5
    Saffy's first play, Self Raising Flower, based on her life is opening at the local theatre and Eddie worries that it will portray her as a bad mother, which of course it does.
  • Donkey
    Episode 4
    Despite having tried every fad diet going, Eddie is still desperate to be thin, and decides to try detox. Spurred on by a Sex And The City-style lunch with her bitchy girlfriends, Eddie embarks on a strict regime of water and red meat and enrolls herself in a grueling military fitness program. Despite Patsy's best efforts, Eddie swears off champagne and begins to shed the pounds. But her nights are plagued with visits from God and the Devil, who have their own agendas. Meanwhile, budding playwright Saffy bumps into a pretentious old school friend, Taylor Johns, who attempts to use her in his bid to further his acting career, and Patsy decides to see what life is like without her trademark Sixties forelock.moreless
  • Paris
    Episode 3
    Patsy heads to Paris for a fashion shoot, a chance to relive her modelling days and to spend time with her new best friend, super model Erin O'Connor; with Eddie and Saffy in tow. While Patsy struggles to cope with fresh-faced models, unflattering clothes and the photographer from hell; Eddie tries to bond with her estranged daughter and somehow convinces Saffy to let down her defences and flash the whole of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower.moreless
  • Fish Farm
    Episode 2
    After rocking on at a Marilyn Manson concert, Eddie finds an attractive young man in her garden. Patsy recognises Jago, the landscape gardener hired by Saffy, as the brother of a well known aristocrat and Eddie turns on the charm to get her dream of a huge mansion with servants.
  • Parallox
    Episode 1
    Patsy has an injection to freeze her wrinkles; Edina is due to make an appearance on the TV show This Morning With Richard & Judy; Saffy is looking for a job with New Labour and Mother is finding out the delights of the internet