Absolutely Fabulous - Season 5

Friday 8:00 PM on BBC Premiered Nov 01, 1992 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Comic Relief Special 2005
  • White Box
    Episode 10
    Edina tried to bring her vision for a new kitchen to life. Trouble is, she's awfully fuzzy on the specifics on how the room should look. Her decorating woes are compounded by the fact that her designer is emotionally unstable, and Saffy completely disapproves of the remodel.
  • The Story Of Absolutely Fabulous
    The Story Of Absolutely Fabulous is the definitive account of one of British comedy's most successful sitcoms. The programme answers burning questions such as: was Patsy once a man? Why was Joanna Lumley nearly put off taking the role of Patsy? Who was originally going to play Saffy? And what do Marisa Berensen, Jennifer Saunders and Lynne Franks all have in common? From how it came into being to how it manages to stay at the top of its game, this entertaining and engaging documentary follows the antics of the Ab Fab crew, namely Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, Julia Sawalha and June Whitfield. It also sheds light on some of comedy's most far-out characters. Featuring behind-the-scenes footage and drunken outtakes, The Story Of Absolutely Fabulous is everything you need to know... and a little bit more.moreless
  • Cold Turkey
    Episode 8
    Eddie spends her first Christmas at home, much to Saffy's chagrin, and goes all out for the festivities. John is preoccupied with knowing the details of Justin's sex life. Marshall and Bo arrive for Christmas with their details of the infomercial they've been doing "since the bottom fell out of the baby business." Patsy, who detests Christmas, is happy when she collapses and gets to spend a few days on drugs in the hospital... though it seems that her condition may be more dire than anyone realized.moreless
  • Exploitin'
    Episode 7
    Edina's mother is banned from the Monsoon home after inviting her elderly friends to have a "Cocoon spa day" in Eddie's bathroom. Patsy and Eddie snatch Saffy's baby, Jane, to take her to a fashion shoot. Saffy tries to spend some quality time with John.
  • Schmoozin'
    Episode 6
    Eddie has a boyfriend in this episode. To her dream he works in the Abbey Road Studios and he's made the discovery of a lost Beatles tape. Unfortunately he dumps her because of a disaster where Patsy, in a drunken stupor, decides to hit a button, accidently recording Eddie's singing over the Beatles tape...moreless
  • Birthin'
    Episode 5
    Saffy's baby is coming and all the principles are present... Patsy has plans to host a banquet -- though her plans soon change; Bo and Marshall arrive with plans to snatch Saffy's baby and sell it; Justin arrives to see his grandchild (and winds up being outed to John by Eddie); John botches the Monsoon's electricity; Gran is preoccupied with finding forceps; and Katie Grin is high on her starring role in "Chicago."moreless
  • 11/7/03
    Eddie and Patsy go away for a posh weekend of hunting, shooting and fishing. Meanwhile Saffy has a baby shower.
  • Panickin'
    Episode 3
    In this episode Edina has a panic room installed in the house. Patsy is at the shop and Minnie Driver walks in talking to her director. She had walked into Dior and they expected her to pay. She was disgusted. Patsy says she could show Minnie some stuff. The next day they are both at Eddy's house. Eddy goes into the panic room and Patsy follows because she wants Eddy's necklace for Minnie. They get locked in with no way out.moreless
  • Book Clubbin'
    Episode 2
    Eddy wants nothing to do with Saffy and the baby. Saffy invites the father to tell him. When he arrives he just wanted to talk about brands of things. Meanwhile Patsy and Eddy have a book club. Peach, the mental health spa maker comes, but Geri Halliwell or Liz Hurley do not turn up. They talk about the latest OK (the magazine) gossip. When Eddy finds out that the baby is going to be mixed-race she has a dream about everyone liking her and she is cool. She brands the baby a Chanel must have.moreless
  • Cleanin'
    Episode 1
    The first episode of a new series. While Saffy is away, Eddie and Patsy are having the time of their lives home alone. Only Saffy returns to reveal her pregnancy.