Absolutely Fabulous

Season 5 Episode 10

White Box

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 25, 2004 on BBC

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  • And so it seems this is where we leave Edina and Patsy... The series at least ended hilariously!

    "White Box" aired on Christmas day of 2004. The episode was a special and featured new hilarious characters and some great old ones. Saffy goes to Africa to get married to John, the father of her child, she tells Edina not to change anything. Of course Edina decides to change the kitchen and gets classic characters Max and Bettina, the minamalists from Season 2's "New Best Friend" to do it. The kitchen is transformed into an empty white box and Bettina is taken back to the mental institution in which she came. Saffy returns and is not pleased with what's been done and orders her mother to fix it. The rest of the episode we follow Edina and Patsy around London to different shops meeting great characters who try and help Edina figure out what she had envisioned for her kitchen. Kuntz, an ecentric shopkeeper (played by Nathan Lane), suggests she may have seen it in another life so Edina hires a transgressor (Laurie Metcalf, Jackie from Roseanne) and winds up getting kicked out by Saffy when she accidentally hits Jane. We last see Edina and Patsy living in the store front window of The Conran Shop.

    This seems to be the series last episode since actress and series writer, Jennifer Saunders, has stated she will no longer act and will focus on writing. It does bring me down to know that this may be the last I'll see of 2 of my favorite villainous characters, but at least the series ended with this hilarious special. We will always love you ABFAB! And you'll live on in my dvd collection!