Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 13, 2007 on VH1

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  • This was the 1st episode I ever seen. Potentially Acceptable TV's best one.

    Episode 4, in my opinion, was full of some of the best material the show had. Lord of the Phils, for example had to beone of the better ones. Now this one had to completly unrelated things in one parody: Lord of the Rings and Dr.Phil. This was classic and you never see it coming. They cut partially through the pilot to tell you one of the'Phils' had fallen and gotten hurt, but the actor who replaced him was black! I'm not a racist chick, but that was freaking hilarious! Next came Drunk Home Makeover, not as funny, but equally classic. This was where you write in to get your house remodeled. A guy and a guy wearing a dog suit come over to your house, get drunk, and pretty much trash the whole place. The Mr. Sprinkles Episode 4 had me in tears (I was laughing). This one had a guest appearance by Farty McSimmons in court with Mr. Sprinkles, so you can well imagine how funny it really was. Operation Kitten Calender was as funny as ever, with an 'Apprentice' type of feeling (but in a funny way). The web winner was Psyic Priest Detective. It was strange and warped, but regardless, that's what made it an awesome choice for web winner.