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  • This is the all time greatest and funniest variety show ever made!

    I thought this show was absoulutely fantastic! From the first time I watched it, after I love the 80s I knew I wanted to see more. I had seen the episode where Mr.Sprinkles had gone to court and where there was a show called 'Lord of the Phils'. This one had to be one of the best episodes I've ever watched. The way they unexpectedly replaced an injured Dr.Phil on Lord of the Phils with a black man was hilarious! Then there was the Mr.Sprinkles episode where there was a guest appearence by 'Farty McSimmons' had me cracking up for days. I don't even get why he even showed up in that episode anyway! I've seen other episodes but that was one of my favorites. I wish it was still on because at least on the VH1 I have, I haven't seen Acceptable TV on since Spring07. This show was pure comedy gold!:)
  • Possibly the greatest show ever.

    Okay, this show is definately a you-love-it or you-hate-it show. I personally believe this show is outstanding. The shows/sketches are completely original and this show is far ahead of its time.

    I also admire the fact they actually allow people to vote on episodes/sketches they enjoy so that they can be kept for next week, and they allow viewers to upload their own videos to kind of have their own 5 minutes of fame if people vote them on the show. None of the voting is fixed, and I'd say this show is high-quality entertainment.

    If you don't laugh at something on this show, I think there's something wrong with you. This show is awesome. Period.
  • If I felt like being generous i'd leave this show at "it had potential". But i'm just not in a generous mood today!

    I just didn't like it. I'm sorry. For one, it was pretencious. The hosts were rude and seemed to be talking down at you. And I just didn't like the format very much. The shows were pretty bad, they seemed as if they were sketch ideas shot around the writing room at "Saturday Night Live" but were shot down after about 45-seconds of consideration. The "best" ones were niche jokes: "Opeation Kitty Calender" only required one viewing, "Homeless James Bond" could be described, at best, "clever". The best was "Mister Sprinkles" which was okay. Things like "Who's Gonna Train Me?" and "The Teenies" were awful. I never voted, or had the strong urge to vote, unlike other, better reality shows where I care if a contestant comes back. The purpose of this show was to create "Acceptable Television" and they did the opposite. This is worse then most shows out there, which I find ironic. I cringe at the idea that any of these skits might have actually been made into actualy shows. I think this show sounds good on paper but just doesn't incorperate into good programming. Not Acceptable.TV
  • a tv show by Jack Black where they show 5 mini-sodes then u go online and vote to keep a show on or boot it.

    This show is great i would love another season. Mr. Sprinkles and oPeratoin kitten calender are cool shows. this show is a cutting edge show letting the veiwers choose whats acceptable and not. It lets people choose what they watch instead of watching the same old crap hundreds of times. it something new and exciting for tv veiwers and this is the future of tv. I belive it appeals to the new generatoin of tv veiwers who want control and new shows every time they watch a show.The only downfall of this show would be they run out of ideas and the show goes south, but that wont happen for at least 3 seasons then ka-ploof it's dumb. overall this show is great!
  • Acceptable tv is an interesting new tv show

    acceptable tv is a great show in total.
    the premise is great each episode there are five pilots each week we vote and two shows are continued.
    this show has produced some hilarious sketches i e " whose gonna train me, operation kitten calendar, circe du solei sex crime investigators, and more" but the only problem is that it sometimes has corny stupid sketches such as who farted and joke chasers. Though the show can be corny at times the classic lines and often funny jokes can make for a great half-hour of tv and i reccimend this show to everyone if you like comedic tv
  • It's kind of stupid, but I watched it a little...

    This show was not what I thought it would be, I thought it was going to be a lot better, the whole idea of the show is genius, (they have 5 short pilots and we vote on which two we like best, and they bring back a second episode of which two was their favorite) but the thing is, the pilots are really idiotic, of them was "who farted" making fun of game shows, UNORIGINAL! but its okay...i guess....Its getting a little bit better now that they are starting to see what audiences like...but in general...its just..O.K. ~peace, kelly