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  • If I felt like being generous i'd leave this show at "it had potential". But i'm just not in a generous mood today!

    I just didn't like it. I'm sorry. For one, it was pretencious. The hosts were rude and seemed to be talking down at you. And I just didn't like the format very much. The shows were pretty bad, they seemed as if they were sketch ideas shot around the writing room at "Saturday Night Live" but were shot down after about 45-seconds of consideration. The "best" ones were niche jokes: "Opeation Kitty Calender" only required one viewing, "Homeless James Bond" could be described, at best, "clever". The best was "Mister Sprinkles" which was okay. Things like "Who's Gonna Train Me?" and "The Teenies" were awful. I never voted, or had the strong urge to vote, unlike other, better reality shows where I care if a contestant comes back. The purpose of this show was to create "Acceptable Television" and they did the opposite. This is worse then most shows out there, which I find ironic. I cringe at the idea that any of these skits might have actually been made into actualy shows. I think this show sounds good on paper but just doesn't incorperate into good programming. Not Acceptable.TV