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  • This is the all time greatest and funniest variety show ever made!

    I thought this show was absoulutely fantastic! From the first time I watched it, after I love the 80s I knew I wanted to see more. I had seen the episode where Mr.Sprinkles had gone to court and where there was a show called 'Lord of the Phils'. This one had to be one of the best episodes I've ever watched. The way they unexpectedly replaced an injured Dr.Phil on Lord of the Phils with a black man was hilarious! Then there was the Mr.Sprinkles episode where there was a guest appearence by 'Farty McSimmons' had me cracking up for days. I don't even get why he even showed up in that episode anyway! I've seen other episodes but that was one of my favorites. I wish it was still on because at least on the VH1 I have, I haven't seen Acceptable TV on since Spring07. This show was pure comedy gold!:)