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  • Bad Show

    This is show is really boring. Uninteresting and UNKNOWN Hollywood guests are featured, interviewed and they are only there to PLUG their own shows. I never know who there guests are on the show. Boring hosts too! So sad that a show that used to be fun and interesting and has downhill....
  • Just eh

    One of the many gossip/celeb/entertainment shows. With little to few stories of interest, bland hosts.

    Various ep (02-12) NBC
  • Kit is a loudmouth

    Why does this woman ''whoop and holler'' and make stupid comments while guests or Billy Bush are talking? This must be why Billy doesn't finish his sentences. It is annoying.

    Also, the woman needs some meat on her bones! She may be in great shape but with her oversized head, she looks like a bobblehead doll.
  • entertaining and informative..

    It was a solid show as always..
  • like them better now

    I like this show now, cause they dont show or talk about the kartrashians all the time. Good for you guys
  • one of the best entertainment show on television

    I love it keep up the good work I love it because it show so much that I love you and it's so awesome they let me know all the good news always I love it and let you know all about anything that you want to know look at Access Hollywood
  • One of the best entertainment shows.

    Access Hollywood is the best entertainment news source. Nancy O'Dell is great. I think she really pulls the viewers in. Billy does also. I think they're a great team. They complement each other very well. Access Hollywood isn't just about celebrity gossip. It's fact-based and they back up their claims. I think this is the one entertainment show that has kept their integrity. For example, they didn't go overboard with the Anna Nicole Smith circus, which I liked. They are definitely respectful of the celebrities. The producers try to keep this show as classy as possible I believe. I really enjoy this show.
  • Sometimes when I don't have anything better to do, I turn on the tv, and change the channels until I land on Access. I always learn something new on this show. I hear about what goes on behind the scenes and things about my favorite celebrities.

    On Access Hollywood, I always learn new things about my favorite bands and actors. I admit, I don't watch it on a regular basis, but once in a while, I like to know what's going on in "Hollywood". I like to hear about upcoming movies and news about my favorite shows. Sometimes the half hour show seems a little too short, but honestly, when it's on for an hour it seems a bit too long. There are plenty of other shows who let us viewers in on what's going on in the media, but I guess Access Hollywood just works for me.
  • Access Hollywood: Crazy Celebrities Lives

    Access Hollywood is a weekday television entertainment news program covering events and celebrities in the entertainment industry. The current hosts are Billy Bush and Nancy O'Dell, with Tony Potts, Shaun Robinson, Tim Vincent and Maria Menounos as correspondents. Previous correspondents include Amy Powell and Jeff Probst. The program is produced by NBC and has changed distributors over the years, first with New World Television, followed by 20th Television (after News Corporation bought New World), then Warner Bros. Television, and finally to NBC Enterprises when the network started up a syndication division. Today, what is now NBC Universal Television Distribution is solely responsible for its production and distribution.

    The program has had some short-lived spinoffs in the last few years, including AMC Access for the AMC channel, and Real Access for Noggin/The N.
  • Not a bad entertainment show

    I've been watching "Acess Hollywood" when I couldn't get "Entertainment tonight," and when I got it back a little over a month ago, I had to let "Access Hollywood" go, because both show ran at 7:30 p.m. and that just too bad. I like achors Nancy O'Dell and Billy Bush. I watch the show every night at 7:30 p.m. and I was informed about the events in Hollywood. I came away with a better knowledge of the entertainment world. Not only i like "Access Hollywood," but "Extra!," along with "Entertainment Tonight." I hope to get an chance to see "Acess Hollywood" again. I miss Nancy and Billy.
  • et rip off

    i have become sick of these celebrity news shows. how many more can they come up with? entertainment tonight was a pretty cool show back in 1985. but now it seems every network has one of these shows that follow celebrities around a report on every little thing going on in their lives. enough is enough.
  • Access Hollywood really shows a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the dramatic opening which pulled in until the very end, simply fades out at the end. It's unfortunate but that's a big problem with many shows on tv today.

    Access Hollywood really shows a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the dramatic opening which pulled in until the very end, simply fades out at the end. It's unfortunate but that's a big problem with many shows on tv today. Great start to pull everyone in but botches it up at the end.
  • Everybody needs their fill of entertainment news,right?

    I always tried to catch when Access Hollywood came on Fox late at night in 1998. Well, It was always cool to watch them but they were both way to short for their subjects in my opinion. I hate to say it but Access Hollywood, after a while got on the wrong track with things and when you wait to see something you wanted to, well, you wait for it and it only lasts for about 15 seconds and its all over with. They rush to many things in thirty minutes. Out of the two shows Strange Universe was My favorite (and its a shame because Strange Universe I believe no longer is on the air) but if you want a show that's not long at all and has really short interviews and behind the scenes then check your local listings!
  • The perfect show for the tabloid addict.

    Do you love reading the tabloid headlines about Hollywoods hottest stars? Do you like seeing clips from upcoming movies? Do you like seeing questions answered by your favorite actors? If you do then you should definatly check out Access Hollywood. Accsess Hollywood gives a breakdown of all the hottest gossip stories about the movie stars, tevevision shows, musicians and new movie releases. This shows success is becuase of all the paparazzis who stalk these poor people and reveal secrets about their life. So if you want to know what star is sleeping with who, what the new blockbuster hit will be, or what your favorite actor had for lunch then tune in to Access Hollywood.
  • Simply - Access Hollywood is your tipical tabloid show. But, I do enjoy it.

    I'll confess - even though I think it's pathetic and a bit sad, I do follow the lives of celebrities, to some extent. Access Hollywood, although I find it no different from the other shows of it's kind, it is informative and somewhat interesting. It's just that kind of show you can flick on when nothing else is on to watch. Easy to watch and follow. No brain activity required and it gives you a head start on the "water cooler" discussion.