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Accidentally on Purpose

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A San Francisco newspaper film critic becomes pregnant after a hookup with a much younger man and together they raise a non-traditional family. Golden Globe Award winner Jenna Elfman (Dharma & Greg) plays Billie, who after a hard breakup with her boss, James (Melrose Place's Grant Show) then gets knocked up by Zack (Windfall's Jon Foster). They agree on an unconventional arrangement to raise the child and live together platonically. But when Zack's friends turn her place into a frat house, Billie isn't sure that the plan can work out. Completing the cast are Ashley Jensen (Ugly Betty) as Billie's best friend Olivia, Lennon Parham as her younger married sister Abby, and Nicolas Wright as Davis, one of Zack's freeloading friends. Based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Mary F. Pols, Accidentally on Purpose is executive-produced by Lloyd Braun, Gail Berman, Gene Stein, and Claudia Lonow with CBS Television Studios.

    American Dad! Will Be Around Through 2013

    Plus: NCIS puts a smackdown on Glee, Jenna Elfman tries TV again, and a Deadliest Catch death.


    Accidentally on Purpose Needs More Laughs; Less Laughter Track

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    • its really funny

      I just finished watching Accidentally on Purpose it very funny thank to Netflix
    • Fling between an older woman and a younger man results in pregnancy and a somewhat awkward roommate situation, kept hilarious with the help of their respective posses. Really good characters and dialogue move this cute show along. Funny and entertaining.moreless

      Accidentally on Purpose has a great cast capable of bringing its clever dialogue to life. If the show can make it past its freshman season, I can see plenty of entertaining plot options that can grow out of the secondary characters and their varied situations. Of course, Zack's best friend, Slacker Davis, is the obvious first break-out character. Nic Wright plays him with perfect timing. But Lennon Parham as Billie's sister also has the chops to become a major force in the storyline. What deep talent AOP has!

      The producers are taking a gamble, I think, by throwing so many scenes and story-lines into these early shows. (Not to mention the recap every week might be a tad long.) Yes, it keeps the show moving and fresh, but it may end up being a problem when it comes to developing loyal core viewers. AOP is, after all, about the accidental pregnancy that brings an older woman and younger man together. I hope we see their relationship begin to grow more distinct or solid or definable soon. It can always change mood, intensity, etc., later, but it has to BE something first. And soon.

      Even if it's a Luke/Lorelei "only friends, apparently" kind of relationship, I think it has to be more central to every episode. It's the A story and requires Billie and Zack have more direct interaction. I won't complain! All that said, I do love the show and hope we get lots more of AOP's superb comic acting, contrasting sweet seriousness, and all-around great writing!moreless
    • its really funny

      most of all the lines are funny , they are not the usual stupid lines , even thow every year shows about pregnancy fail , maybe this one wont . and young actor is ok , ive seen him mostly in teens show and Jenna Elfman is best known for playing the free-spirited hippie yoga instructor Dharma on "Dharma & Greg." She stars in the upcoming CBS sitcom "Accidentally on Purpose," based on the true story of a movie critic who becomes pregnant after a one-night stand with a much younger man. and she said Nothing. I could have picked Colorado. Zimbabwe. Anywhere but here. It was just so frustrating. I was really working hard and putting a lot of time and energy and commitment into this and then having nothing come of different projects. It was like a second puberty almost.moreless
    • A good first impression

      I´d like to start commenting the title and use of the line in the episode "Was it maybe accidentally on purpose?". I believe that line pretty much sumarizes the idea of the storyline. Some people pointed out that it´s an "old plot" and that it´s kind of worn out by now. I don´t agree. I believe that nowadays this idea of women around 30, almost 40, single, and striving to have a carreer but at the same time missing marriage, pregnancy, etc, is something new and contemporary. It has never been so hard before... I don´t even think that 15 years ago it was so "empowering" dating younger man. It used to be "desperate" and women would be considered imature or ridicule... bla bla bla I laughed a lot. I don´t think married people or teenagers will enjoy this show as much as people like me who totally identify with the premisse. Good characters and good performances. Fun. Funny. Light. Creamy... A fresh touch to "something that we feel we have seen already".moreless
    • jon foster is the best thing about this show

      i kind of like this show and watch it every week. mostly cause of jon foster. he was great in "life as we know it" and there is just something about him. the show is light and fluffy and a good distraction. sure the writing could be better and the acting just doesn't seem right somehow, but while most of my shows on my dvr are a full commitment that i HAVE to watch every week, this show is a refreshing break. something not to become invested in cause unfortunately it probably wont last. its a good concept and it has potential.moreless

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