Accidentally on Purpose

Season 1 Episode 15

Back to School

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Feb 08, 2010 on CBS

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  • Zack and Davis receive invitations to their five year high school reunion. Billie talks about how much fun it will be and of course Zack now has to take her. His old high school flame is there who is a swimsuit model causing some awkward moments.

    I have to admit I really like this show in general. I wondered about the premise as it really seems like a one season show. Really, where does it go once the baby is born? I'm sure they can figure something out, but the setup really doesn't seem conducive to continuation. The main plot which is the reunion was amusing, but not laugh out loud funny like Men and Big Bang were this week and neither of these episodes was spectacular this week. I have really been noticing the laugh track more lately as well on this one. Not a good sign. Tonight was a mediocre night on the CBS Comedy Block in general proving there is a first time for everything.

    The secondary plot made no sense at all. Abby is selling one of those miracle juice products that are over running the market currently. She is having a party to sell the juice and Olivia comes. First of all Olivia and Abby don't generally seem to get along so this premise is strange in itself. Then Olivia bails Abby out and helps her make $3000 dollars from the party. Things get even more awkward from there. Nothing really funny about this story in general.

    Jenna Elfman carries this show and she is the reason for the 8.5 score on this episode. Without her presence the show would be in more trouble than it is already. Something about this show just doesn't jive. We'll see what happens when it heads to Wednesdays in March. Thanks for reading...