Accidentally on Purpose

Season 1 Episode 6

Fight Club

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 02, 2009 on CBS

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  • As Billie and Zack settle into their platonic parents-to-be relationship, some stolen ribs, a vineyard, a toilet, bikini-waxing and baby's first kick push their boundaries, leading to a big fight or two...and some great laughs for the audience.

    Now this is the episode that gives the show a real future by not being about the baby or an immediate but short-lived romantic situation. Hilarious dialogue, smooth quick-cut pacing and plenty of work for many of the strong secondary characters. After setting up the basic situation over several shows, Accidentally on Purpose hits its stride. Zack and Billie have balanced, staked out places in their relationship--which still keeps its touch of sweetness amidst the 20-somethings' shenanigans (Love the dishwashing system, guys!), Abby's ditziness, Olivia's cynical wit (can't wait for her role to expand once her real-life pregnancy isn't restricting her on-camera behavior), and James' nicely-balanced rich jerk/good guy. Everyone in this cast is good and strong, and this episode is great by using all of them. Even Lennon Parham's one scene is hilarious, thanks to her ability to deliver that grease fire/Pilates line so perfectly. Keep it up, writers and actors! Viewers, tell your friends to catch the show that now has the legs to go far.
  • Billie and Zack basically seem to be fighting over one thing or another. One minute it's food, another money, then finally it seems to be around privacy. Neither of them really seem to understand what is going on.

    A pretty weak episode of Accidentally on Purpose. Maybe the weakest so far.

    Basically the story is about Billie and Zack fighting until the baby starts kicking at the end of the episode and they both go ahhh and then the fighting is over for the moment.

    Most of the arguments are based on standard things couples fight about. Money, using up to much water, eating someone elses food, not keeping things private between them. Of course the last one was based on accidentally peeing on her and him seeing something he shouldn't. To be honest that was probably the highlight of the episode which is the only reason I mention it. The half wax, eating the ribs, taking long showers, are all by products of living together for new couples.

    Everyone else is pretty superfluous in this episode, but we do find out that James bought and sold a vineyard and that potato salad might be good on pizza? Not a really good episode and definitely sort of a throw away. I'm not sure the ratings for this show can stand too many episodes of this caliber before it will go on hiatus or be canceled. No word yet on season pickup or additional episodes. We'll see. Thanks for reading...
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