Accidentally on Purpose

Season 1 Episode 11

It Happened One Christmas

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Dec 14, 2009 on CBS

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  • Billie and Zack agree to spend Xmas apart, though Zack has realized he's found "the coolest girl he's ever going to meet." Plans to deceive Billie's parents fail, leading to a declaration and a question. After kissing, Billie answers Zack. Sort of.

    This episode gives us a turning point for Billie and Zack's relationship, potentially changing the focus of the show-or not, thus giving us another reason to keep watching. Initially, Billie sends Zack off with Davis (in another intriguing glimpse at the mystery of Zack's past), then dismantles his room to keep her parents in the dark about their joint living arrangement. Of course, Davis manages to screw up the careful plans with his usual well-intentioned but brainless problem-solving. Character growth occurs for both Billie and Zack when each opens the other's Xmas present in that other's absence. Cleverly handled, the romance receives a boost when Billie's dad sees through her deception and correctly interprets Zack's maturing feelings and character. This edition of the show hit AoP's strength well: a great balance of quirky silliness and genuine, modern characters vacillating between being coolly noncommittal-and risking themselves in tender honesty. Foster has grown more comfortable with sitcom and he and Elfman have found some decent chemistry. The secondary characters, as usual, provide great giggle breaks and support the evolution of the main couple in charming and well-acted fashion.
  • The Christmas episode... Very Cute...

    Finally - the underlying romance that has been there for the past 10 episodes reared its head again.... its been painful watching them come to terms with the fact that they have feelings for one another despite the age gap. Personally, i don't think the age is an issue... Zac is extremely mature for a bloke. Davis was on top form - giving Zac the best Christmas Present he could think of.... Billy. Great Romantic ending and truly can't wait to see where they take it now.. .... Billy was very funny and it was great to see 'that' kiss.
  • Billie is afraid of what her parents will think so she gets Zack to leave for Christmas and pretends he lives somewhere else. She and Abby keep it up until in walks Zack and Davis right before dinner.

    Maybe the best episode of this show since it first started. We see some real feelings and enthusiasm from its actors and a story we can appreciate.

    Billie's parents come in from out of town for Christmas and Billie and Abby are having dinner at Billie's for them. Billie's Mom loved Grant and is disappointed that Billie has gotten pregnant by another man. Also the parents played by Nancy Lenehan and Fred Dryer really dislike Abby's husband Nick.

    Everything seems tolerable until Davis and Zack drop by and the secrets start to unravel. Dryer does an excellent job as Billie's Dad and really ends up being quite the judge of character as his one concern is that the man who Billie ends up with really loves her. He and Zack actually have a moment discussing all of this.

    Whether you liked it or not this is the direction this show needs to go in and for once I think the show succeeded were it has missed in the past. Real true feelings and honest to goodness character development is starting to show in these people we are suppose to care about. Now we just have to wait and see what direction they take us in. Thanks for reading...