Accidentally on Purpose

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Sep 28, 2009 on CBS

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  • Not too bad, but the show has a LONG uphill battle

    I realized two things while watching the second episode: one is that even for a one night stand between two people who don't know people, Billie and Zach still don't mesh whatsoever. I suppose that's the point of the show, or the premise, but it's pretty bad when I don't believe the characters being together whatsoever. They could take away Zach and I wouldn't care whatsoever.

    I also realized that the show has some really bad lines. Billie saying that she "tore apart his room like a prison guard looking for crack" wasn't funny at all.. came across as kind of lame. It seems like a bad combination of multiple shows and movies, and a good show should be at least somewhat original or bring something new to the table.

    However, there were some funny moments as well. Some people don't think so, but I think Davis is actually pretty funny. He's an idiot, but I'm a sucker for idiot characters (Charlie from It's Always Sunny being a prime example). Davis talking about the Year of the Rat and the Year of the Tiger was funny, and the whole "Barstool Left" game made me laugh too (it may have been used in another show, but if it has, I've never seen it before..)

    As I said in the previous episode, the show has a long uphill battle. I recognized that even more now, but I'll stick with it because my Monday nights are boring and I need something new to try out besides Two and a Half Men or The Big Bang Theory.
  • Billie realizes that she has a twenty two year old man who got her pregnant living in her house and she knows nothing about him. Zack has to make a decision about culinary school in New York or staying with Billie to help with the baby.

    Somehow I feel that this show does not have a really good flow going yet. It feels stiff and has no patter to it. The jokes can be funny but they seem pushed.

    So far I feel Olivia and Abby are pretty funny. Zack and his buddies really aren't at all. They're more stereotypes than characters. Larry Wilmore as Doctor Roland was pretty good and funny in places. James is not funny at all, not that I think he is suppose to be. He is more of a plot driven character. Unfortunately Jenna as Billie may be the most stiff of all the characters.

    In tonight's episode James forces Zack to look at his situation and decide if he is the best thing for Billie and the baby. Billie gets sort of crazed by the fact she is making up stuff about Zack because she knows nothing about him. She dated him for five weeks! I guess they never spoke about much obviously.

    The dialogue is a little stilted and feels forced. The scene at the end with the two of them should have been cute but it felt a little awkward actually. I am pretty sure we'll see all thirteen of the episodes ordered. We'll see how much better it gets as they work together more. We may see Rules in this slot before the season is out though. Thanks for reading...