Accidentally on Purpose

Season 1 Episode 3

One Night Stand

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 05, 2009 on CBS

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  • Billie is starting to fill out in ways that seem to attract men even more. All the men in her life seems to notice too. The other thing though is she is getting sexual urges and the urges are getting stronger so she has to decide what to do.

    A fairly humorous episode with a number of funny bits. Zack is coming into his own and both Jenna and her sister Abby are starting to click as characters as well.

    The opening sequence was very funny. "I got a visit from the Boob Fairy." Then "look what I can do with a lipstick like in Grease." Then she leaves and the boys reactions.

    Later the whole bit with using the sunless tanner for "the alone train." Turning certain features orange. Funny little bit and pulled of very well.

    The part of the story with Ryan the newsman was a little awkward and she is not going to jump into bed with him. Despite what happened with Zack, they've established she's not that kind of girl. At the same time it would be like she was cheating on Zack which she's not going to do. The dress bit with her sister was cute though. The ex-boyfriend is a little annoying at times but as long as they keep his parts short it will be alright. I'm interested to see where they will take this. The ratings have not been spectacular and I wonder what the call will be by CBS for this show. I think it's better than Wednesdays comedies. Maybe they could move it there and bring Rules back like they're planning to anyways. Thanks for reading...