Accidentally on Purpose

CBS (ended 2010)





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  • Fling between an older woman and a younger man results in pregnancy and a somewhat awkward roommate situation, kept hilarious with the help of their respective posses. Really good characters and dialogue move this cute show along. Funny and entertaining.

    Accidentally on Purpose has a great cast capable of bringing its clever dialogue to life. If the show can make it past its freshman season, I can see plenty of entertaining plot options that can grow out of the secondary characters and their varied situations. Of course, Zack's best friend, Slacker Davis, is the obvious first break-out character. Nic Wright plays him with perfect timing. But Lennon Parham as Billie's sister also has the chops to become a major force in the storyline. What deep talent AOP has!

    The producers are taking a gamble, I think, by throwing so many scenes and story-lines into these early shows. (Not to mention the recap every week might be a tad long.) Yes, it keeps the show moving and fresh, but it may end up being a problem when it comes to developing loyal core viewers. AOP is, after all, about the accidental pregnancy that brings an older woman and younger man together. I hope we see their relationship begin to grow more distinct or solid or definable soon. It can always change mood, intensity, etc., later, but it has to BE something first. And soon.

    Even if it's a Luke/Lorelei "only friends, apparently" kind of relationship, I think it has to be more central to every episode. It's the A story and requires Billie and Zack have more direct interaction. I won't complain! All that said, I do love the show and hope we get lots more of AOP's superb comic acting, contrasting sweet seriousness, and all-around great writing!