Accidentally on Purpose

Season 1 Episode 18

Speed 2

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Apr 21, 2010 on CBS

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  • Continuing last week's episode, Billie is now really in labor--and Zack's in jail. After a lot of funny scenes with all the characters involved, Zack arrives just in time to help Billie give birth and hear her accept his marriage proposal.

    A lot of short scenes, cutting between all the characters, that bring this first season of Accidentally on Purpose to a satisfying close, while opening a whole new avenue for funny episodes to come. The episode is a race to get Zack to Billie's side before their son makes his appearance. Davis has several hilarious scenes played with his superb comic timing and both Abby and Olivia get a chance to add their talents to the enjoyment of the show. Each scene has its own little moments of excellence (like when Zack's response to Nick's suggestion to wear driving gloves is to lick his palms before grabbing the wheel) but the overall highlight is the heartwarming and satisfying birth of the unexpected baby who brought the main couple together. Clearly, this could be a series finale, but the characters have changed throughout this season and the subject of basically single people adapting to an infant and each other as parents certainly gives the show an ample, rich vein to mine in a second season. I loved it! More, please!
  • The baby is here.

    Wow, what a stunning season finale. I really hope this show gets renewed for another season because it's been a great ride all along. This episode, especially, proves that the show has so much more to give.

    Jenna Elfman just charms me in whatever show she is, and she has amazing chemistry with Jon Foster. Abby and Nick were amazing in this episode, just like they were during the entire season, and I love both Olivia and David because they are just hilarious.

    This episode entirely was very funny - even the doctor, the nurse and the policeman were hilarious. Now let's hope this show gets renewed.
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