Accidentally on Purpose

Season 1 Episode 4

The Date

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 12, 2009 on CBS

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  • Billie wants to start dating again. Zack thinks it's great and starts to date someone as well. Once Billie begins to see a problem with the dating and her being pregnant she might start rethinking the arrangement. Zack finds scoring no problem.

    The best episode of Accidentally on Purpose yet. There were a number of funny bits tonight. Like when her friend Olivia shows her breasts when she tells bad news and then when Billie walks in on Zack and Heather and she on the phone with Olivia and says, "Zack's having sex on the couch with a woman and she must be telling him bad news because her top is off!" Also early in the episode when Davis was being a pain and she hit him and it hurt and she said, "My chick punch." Right before that the "You look good as a small Asian woman" comment was pretty good as well.

    I think the writing is getting better on this show. This might have been the best episode in CBS Monday nights comedy lineup tonight which is really weird considering.

    The premise of Billie dating and then telling a man she's pregnant on the first date is daunting. I think a lot of men would react the way Ryan did. Zach was nice to come in but he should have invited his date in as well. She seems like a free spirit. It probably would have been funny and OK. I'm glad Zack was there. I wouldn't want James to get another shot at Billie.

    So I believe we as viewers are becoming more empathetic to the characters and are beginning to bond with them. It will be interesting to see the ratings tomorrow. Thanks for reading...
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