Accidentally on Purpose

Season 1 Episode 7

The Godfather

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 09, 2009 on CBS
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Without meaning to, Billie causes the breakup of Abby and her husband after she asks them to be the godparents of her child. Billie has to prevent her sister from making any more mistakes during a night out with Davis.

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  • Billie and Abby hatch a plan to get Abby's husband to agree to having a baby. Unfortunately all it does is get them so mad at each other they aren't speaking. Zack talks Davis into quitting Pot for a while. Billie meets another writer that hits on her.moreless

    Probably the best episode of Accidentally on Purpose yet. Funny, as last weeks was probably the worst! A number of funny little stories all intertwined. Billie is writing a story about the ten best Basketball movies of all time and Sully played by Michael Rapaport is the sports beat writer. Not only is there chemistry between them, but Sully asks Billie out. Very funny how this all works out including the classic pregnancy fopa. Abby is upset because she and her husband Nick keep pushing back their date to have a baby. It's been five years now and Abby is really getting mad about it. Billie comes up with a "brilliant plan" and boy does this one backfire. Very cute how this all comes back around.

    Finally Zack talks Davis into going cold turkey with the Pot and again some very funny circumstances come out of this sub-plot. Including one with Abby.

    A very funny episode and definitely the direction this show needs to take. Wonderful performances by all and the writing is clean and crisp. As I stated with my HIMYM review, this may be the four best episodes shown together on the 2009 version of the Monday night comedy block. Thanks for reading...moreless

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    • Billie: (how sports sounds to her) Bleep! Blop! Blork!

    • Sully: Congratulations to you and your husband.
      Billie: Oh, nope. No husband. No boyfriend. No contraception!

    • Billie: So I met this cute, funny guy. And even if I'm so gigantic I can't even see if I need a bikini wax... I think he was flirting with me.
      Abby: Of course, he was. We're the Chase sisters. People chase us.

    • Abby: After two mimosas, [my husband]'s open-minded. After three, he blacks out.

    • Nick: We're going to be parents... eventually.
      Abby: Well, eventually, I'm going to be infertile.
      Nick: Are we really doing this I-wanna-have-a-baby thing again over eggs Benedict?
      Abby: I think doing it over eggs is completely appropriate! Because every month, I make one, you do nothing about it, and it dies. (laughs hysterically)

    • Billie: Sully just asked me out. Is it possible that at this stage of my girth where my skin is stretched to the point that it may never snap back that someone could find me attractive?
      James: Yeah, it's possible.
      Billie: Hah! Thank you.
      James: If he's a freak!

    • James: There's all kinds of weird fetishes, like people are into weird costumes or... feet or... monogamy.

    • Billie: I got to go meet my sister at a bar a few blocks away.
      Sully: Whoa-- whoa-- whoa! Can I walk you there?
      Billie: You don't have to do that.
      Sully: Oh, come on! What kind of guy would I be if I didn't walk a hot pregnant woman to a bar?

    • Billie: Zack, this is Sully.
      Zack: Hey dude!
      Sully: Good to know ya'. (points to Billie's belly) I'm a big fan of your work.

    • Abby: (runs her hand over Davis' couch) This couch is so dirty, I really feel like I'm having an adventure.
      Davis: You should see the bathroom. It's like being in Bangladesh.
      Abby: You know, if my sister weren't pregnant, I never would've met you.
      Davis: Well, if my best friend hadn't had sex with her, I never would have met you.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Sully mentions that Billie will be "like a big golden sexy giant" to Chinese people if ever she goes to China. In early-century Chinese Buddhism, Buddha is sometimes referred to as the "tall golden man."

    • One of the photos Davis posts on Facebook is a visual reference to a pose done by Mena Suvari (Angela Hayes) covered with red rose petals for a scene and the poster of American Beauty (1999).

    • Episode Title: The Godfather is the 1973 Oscar Best Picture based on Mario Puzo's novel about the influential and powerful organized crime family, the Corleones. The film stars Marlon Brando as Don Vito, the aging Mafia patriarch, and Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, the heir to his throne.