Accidentally on Purpose

Season 1 Episode 5

The Love Guru

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Oct 19, 2009 on CBS

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  • Zack is secretly dating a girl named Sasha, but it is only a secret until she comes over to spend time with Billie! Meanwhile Billie is trying to help Davis get a girl to be with, but Billie seems pretty happy when Davis hooks up.

    This was a fairly funny episode with a couple of annoying characters. Sasha (Sarah Wright) is a beautiful blond with some really quirky habits. For instance in the first couple of minutes meeting someone her mother always seems to call and she introduces her by phone and gives the phone to the person to speak with. The other is Andrea (Diora Baird) who Davis gets a date with after following some of Billie's pickup advice.

    Sasha is a secret date Zack goes on without telling Billie. The only problem is Zack tells Sasha about Billie and Sasha shows up and makes friends with Billie the next day. Then the following day she goes to Billie's work, then finally finds her at the "third" restaurant she looks for her in because she wanted to go to lunch. Of course Billie is only being nice because of Zack. Finally Billie and Zack decide he needs to break up with her. Then when Billie does her break up she seems even more angry about that then she was about Zack!

    Andrea is a moody but hot brunette that Davis picks up using Billie's pick up technique. When he decides he wants to cultivate a relationship with this woman she throws him into bed and sleeps with him on the first date. Using Billie's continued advice he decides no more hot sex with her until they go on a few dates and of course she dumps him which makes him very unhappy with Billie.

    In the other little bit Abby is stalking Olivia on Facebook and then gets angry when Olivia "defriends" her. Somehow its ends OK though. Mostly because Olivia finally just shuts up.

    The characters are interesting. I think they need to get back to the Zack/Billie relationship and see where that goes. We'll see. Thanks for reading...