Accidentally on Purpose

Season 1 Episode 13

The Rock

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Jan 18, 2010 on CBS

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  • Billie and Sully get a chance to do the front page of the Sunday Special magazine. Zack and Davis start a new food venture. Sully chases after Olivia. James gets fired because he wouldn't fire more people and the Billie thinks she may be next.

    A little better than last week. Just not that evenly funny throughout. It's entertaining but not really funny like the other three shows in the Monday block.

    I enjoy Billie and Zack. Davis, Abby, and James are hit and miss at times. The scenes with Olivia and Sully just don't grab me. That pretty much wraps up the sections of tonights episode. The Olivia e-bay story and the Sully wanting Olivia story I could have done without. Also the David doing funny things with the sandwich bit as well. Generally the rest of the scenes were enjoyable.

    Unfortunately people losing their jobs in this economy is not really what I call good timing. Yes, we see it in stories now all the time, but when you are trying to be funny and entertaining fretting about losing your job is happening to too many people in reality and even if not to yourself to someone you know.

    I'm really starting to look forward to Rules of Engagement this March. Hopefully this show rebounds with some better subjects. It certainly does have potential as it has shown in some very good episodes earlier this year. Thanks for reading...