Accidentally on Purpose

Season 1 Episode 9

Working Girl

Aired Wednesday 8:30 PM Nov 23, 2009 on CBS

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  • Billie encourages Zack to go for sous-chef, while facing a job threat of her own. Abby and Davis plot to make Olivia pay for dinner, something she's good at avoiding. James and Zack throw punches; Olivia manages to turn the tables on Abby and Davis.

    This episode was a nice break from the dating/bar pick-up routines featured in many others. Dealing with job pressures and the need to put yourself forward to get ahead (and support the baby) gave Billie and Zack another chance to build a bond of mutual support and friendship.

    Not to mention more lovely views of a shirtless Jon Foster :-) And some counter-leaping as he loyally came to Billie's defense--mistakenly, which led to a very nice scene with James listening as Billie and Zack discuss names for their baby.

    Abby and Davis (Lennon Parham and Nic Wright) got to show their great comic timing and understated methods of being over the top as they plotted to block Olivia's penchant for skipping out when the bill arrives for dinner or drinks.

    Max the internet reviewer was nicely played as a jerk and the DVD "connection" aka Jabba was a short but fun scene--especially snatching the bribe sandwich from Billie's hand.

    While maybe not as ROFL hilarious as The Godfather or Fight Club, this epi did a good job of growing and solidifying the bond between Billie and Zack--and their pals, because even Ms. Cheap-o Olivia stood up to James for Billie's sake.
  • Billie is threatened when James brings in an internet review blogger to replace her when she is on leave. Billie gets Zack to go for it as a sous-chef for the restaurant he works for putting him under a lot of pressure. We discover Olivia is cheap.

    Some funny things in this episode like the Diaper Genie joke that eventually was stomped into the ground by repetition.

    The main story was really a two parter. Let's see if we can get both Billie and Zack to lose their jobs at the same time five months before they are going to have a baby. Billie at the paper and Zack at the restaurant.

    The two funniest bits to this episode by far were James and Zack punching each other off screen and the resulting ice packs on their faces and the whole Olivia skipping out on the check. Unfortunately that second bit was also run into the ground at the end of the show with the supposed funny bit of her stealing Abby's purse and paying the last bill with Abby's money.

    So what did we learn here today. People losing their jobs does not necessarily make for a funny story line. Also if you have a funny bit make sure you repeat it until it's not funny anymore.

    Maybe this is a little harsh on the whole, but this show needs to be better than the three shows that surround it on Monday's CBS comedy block. Not be mediocre. Unfortunately the majority of episodes have been so so with just a few really good ones. Thanks for reading...