According to Jim

Season 4 Episode 15

Guess Who's Cooking Your Dinner?

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 15, 2005 on ABC
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Cheryl cooks dinner for Dana and her boyfriend and lets him believe that Dana actually did the cooking.

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  • Dana and Ryan want to take the relationship to the next level, that's why Dana decides to throw a family dinner at her place to impress Ryan. Unfortunately for Dana, when it comes to cooking, she isn't very talented, that's why she implores Cheryl to helpmoreless

    When I watched this episode, all I felt was deep satisfaction. I tell you this as a man, I know that women won't feel the same way about it. In this episode, for the first time I think, Cheryl's advice backfired. After Jim told Kyle to lie about his age at the movies to get him in for free, Cheryl gives Jim a lecture about setting an example for their kids and that there is only right and wrong and nothing in between.

    After Gracie is caught in school for fraud, Ruby had made Gracie's homework, both, Cheryl and Jim gives them a lecture about helping people, even if it is for someone you love or your family by cheating, is morally wrong. And baaannnggg, that is the moment when her advice came back to hunt her. Ruby asks if it is wrong to help even if it is for a sister, like Cheryl helping Dana cook a family dinner for Dana's boyfriend. Naturally, as a guy, I fully understand Jim's reaction. As a man you have to savor a win, as long as you can, because sooner rather then later it will be over.

    At the family dinner, Jim and Andy mock Dana by asking her how she cooked the dinner, what the ingredients were she used for this beautiful dinner. Ryan being so impressed by all of this scene is asking Dana to marry him. All Dana can say is admitting that she can't cook, but Ryan's reaction to all of it is just what was expected. I have to say that Ryan is a wonderful addition to the cast of this show. He brings another kind of humor to the show and he is a little bit more serious and sophisticated, but none the less funny in his own way.moreless
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Carlos Lacamara

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    • (Dana gives Cheryl a list with all she wants to have at the family dinner that she has planned for Ryan.)
      Cheryl (after reading various complicated dishes): Sounds simple enough.
      Dana: Yeah. Look Cheryl. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but I'm totally willing to help out!
      Cheryl: How?
      Dana: Oh, I thought you just gonna say: No, no I got it!

    • Dana: I just want him (Ryan) to see my domestic side!
      Cheryl: That... doesn't exist!
      Dana: I know, that's why you are cooking and I'm taking the credit!

    • Cheryl: So, things are going well?
      Dana: Really well. I think Ryan and I are ready to take it to the next level!
      Cheryl: You mean you guys are gonna...
      Dana: Oh, please Cheryl, we did that on the first... fourth date!

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    • Episode Title: Guess who's cooking your dinner?

      The Name of the episode is a pun of the phrase: "Guess Who's Coming for dinner"