According to Jim

Season 7 Episode 1

Jim Almighty

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 01, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

Jim is working at the table when his son, Kyle, comes up with a test he needs signed. When he notices Kyle turned his D into a B, he shows him how to turn it into an A instead. Gracie then appears with a B+ and he just signs her paper and sends her on her way.
Jim gets suspicious when the kids are setting additional places at the dinner table. He discovers Cheryl has planned a dinner party and has cunningly asked him to approve it while he was distracted by a football game. Annoyed by her subterfuge, Jim insults God for how He created women. God appears to Jim dressed as a cowboy in white and asks him if he thinks he could do better. Jim says yes and God gives Jim the power to do whatever he can to make women better, reminding him that what he does to one woman happens to all women. Right off the top of his head, Jim gives all the women in the world bigger boobs but quickly recants that idea when he sees Gracie and Ruby heading out with the results of that idea.
Jim introduces Andy to God who asks him who would win in a fight between Him and figures like Superman and Chuck Norris. When it comes to Oprah, God, however, confesses even He has respect for her. Heading out, God accidentally reveals that Andy's life is going to be short. Jim soon realizes that all he has to do is make women more like men, and Dana arrives drinking, macho and hanging out with them even to the point of calling them names. Cheryl is also affected, willing to allow herself to be used by Jim for sex, but Jim realizes it just makes her insensitive.
Jim decides the best thing is tohave women like they are, but to have men more like women so they can understand each other. Jim suddenly loves clothing and cooking and is nice to Dana, but Andy is constantly offended. Jim gets tempermental trying to get Cheryl's party ready and retreats to his room like a woman.
At the party, Jim runs into God again and apologizes to Him. Andy meanwhile is still in touch with his female side. God tells Jim that He made men and women different to balance each other. Jim realizes the higher truth, and God gives Jim one last gift: to make Chery's party bearable for him. A guest brings his favorite beer and one of his guests works with the Chicago Cubs. Jim hasa good time as Cheryl wonders what got into him.
After the party, God checks in with Jim and Jim thanks Him for the party. God confesses He did nothing to the party, His miracles came from His right hand and He had used His left. Jim had a good time because he gave it a chance. Jim asks for one more miracle for the Chicago Cubs, but God tells him he'll have to take one miracle at a time.