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  • men look like boneheads

    this show, everybody loves raymond, tool time, flintstones, just to name a few portray men as bumbling idiots, which men unconsciously fulfill, and creates the current downfall of society. Like we can't function with out some superior women pointing out every single diatribe move that we make, which in real life it is the exact opposite, except real men don't go around pointing out peoples faults.
  • You'll regret hating it

    Definitely one of the best sitcom I've ever good thing is,they have lot of things going on and its not like nowadays shows where there's only on what's up with writers now?are they out of good scripts?according to jim and home improvement are one of the greatest sitcom series..

    here's one thing for haters,watch your gay comedy series like how i met your mother,two and a half men and some hannah montana because they suit you..

  • Best show on TV

    The wife and I still love watching it even though we've seen them all. It's so much more relateable and plausible than most of the junk on TV that it just makes it much more funny.
  • watchable

    jim himself is the worst character he acts like a prick although his wife and the other girl are hot
  • Jim Belushi stars in this awesome and hilarious sitcom "According to Jim"

    Jim Belushi is a great actor and I think he not only does a terrific job in his movies but he also does a terrific job with this sitcom "According to Jim". This show makes me laugh very hard. All of the characters in this show are likable and they are all just absolutely hilarious. Whenever I need a good laugh, I would watch other sitcoms I really enjoy but I would also watch this sitcom as well because it's very enjoyable and it's hilarious. It's a sitcom that the whole family should watch. It definitely is a family sitcom. It's pretty family-friendly so I would suggest watching an awesome and hilarious sitcom like "According to Jim". Jim Belushi plays as the lovable but abrasive father. Jim is a fan of blues music and is also a fan of Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, and Chicago Blackhawks. He also has a wife named Cheryl, has two daughters named Ruby and Gracie. They also have a son named Kyle. Jim is best friends with Cheryl's brother Andy. Cheryl also has a sister named Dana. Dana frequently teams with Cheryl against Jim. Most of the storylines are absolutely hilarious and enjoyable and this sitcom is just awesome. Overall, I love "According to Jim" and it's one of the best sitcoms I've seen. 10/10
  • Terrible

    According to Jim is so terrible I wish I could pull my own eyes out with a red hot poker just so I can't watch any more of it, but then I remember I can just turn the channel and everything is okay but it's still annoying that this show was ever put on TV and even surpassing that it was on for several seasons! I hate having to be careful when I flip the channels to make sure I avoid stopping for more than a split second on whatever channel reruns of this awful show are on, I don't want to even accidentally watch it at all because I'm sure it is doing serious damage to my brain. The writing and acting are crap and Jim Belushi has less talent than everyone in the world except maybe the other fat guy on this show who plays his friend and is even more annoying and talentless that Jim is. I hate hate hate this show.
  • In a word: Undemanding.

    Utterly ordinary family comedy. Tired character types with the oafish husband, know-it-all wife, and troublemaking best friend - they only started this formula 60 years ago with The Honeymooners. Sure there are some funny jokes but rubberstamped situations add nothing original whatsoever to the genre. The fact that this was on the air for 8 years speaks volumes about the lack of discernment from the average viewer.

    Utterly ordinary family comedy. Tired character types with the oafish husband, know-it-all wife, and troublemaking best friend - they only started this formula 60 years ago with The Honeymooners. Sure there are some funny jokes but rubberstamped situations add nothing original whatsoever to the genre. The fact that this was on the air for 8 years speaks volumes about the lack of discernment from the average viewer.
  • Funny

    Accodring to Jim
    According to Jim is a show about Jim and his family. Jim is married and has two daughters, and Jim's friends.
    This is a funny show. According to Jim is a funny sitcom that recen tly ended, but was good. It has good writting and acting, and I like how funny are Jim's relation ships with his family and friends. The show re minds me of other sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond (which I think is a better than According to Jim). Its funny, a pretty funny show. Good one. It is pretty good. I say if you like to laugh with a simple show, this ones perfect.
  • A great family comedy!

    John Belushi's little brother Jim Belushi as he stars in a married life comedy about a lazy but loving father named Jim (Jim Belushi) and his wife Cheryl (Courteney Thorne-Smith)star in a family comedy with their children Ruby (Taylor Atelin), Gracie (Billi Bruno), and Kyle (Conner Rayburn). Cheryl's sibling come to their house alot named Dana (Kimberly Willams) and her brother Andy (Larry Joe Campbell). This show first aired in October 3, 2009 and aired their final season in June 2, 2009 that was their 8th season a good run. I describe this show as an amazing show. I rate this show 10.0
  • Jim Belushi stars as Jim, the macho everyman, with a soft spot for his beautiful wife, Cheryl (Courtney Thorne-Smith), and their three precocious kids -- Ruby (Taylor Atelian), Gracie (Billi Bruno) and Kyle (Conner Rayburn). Don't forget Dana and Andy....

    What a great way to learn on how to be the man of the family. Watching Jim Belushi, become the tough guy to contribute the success for his family. He teaches his brother in law ways to become that he dreams to be, having the life like Jim, so he doesn't become lonely. In According to Jim his family includes his wife Cheryl, his daughters Ruby and Gracie, and only son Kyle. Outside of his house includes, Cheryl's brother and sister, Andy and Dana. You have to enjoy this show because, their not lovey all the time, they make fun of each other, tease each other, as they can to become such amusing and en joyful family. That's why I enjoy watching this show.
  • It's not easy liking Jim, but he always manages to make me laugh with his stupid remarks XD

    According to Jim is a great tv show if you like that kind of humor. Jim's jokes are hard to understand most of the time (if he's even joking :P) but once you get used to his behavior, the show becomes quite enjoyable. Jim's victims are his wife, her sister and brother or even his own kids and pretty much all the people around him. But they all love him and are willing to forgive him every single mistake he makes.
    I would recommend this show to everyone who enjoys good comedy and is not offended easily with Jim's remarks. :)
  • I've read a lot of negative reviews for According to Jim - to each his own, but they just don't get the show.

    I've watched this show from the beginning basically because of Courtney Thorne-Smith. This show isn't meant to be the funniest or the deepest on the air. This show is just to give you a half hour of good natured fun without a lot of thought involved. After working all day it's nice to have a couple of shows you can just enjoy without having to have a website to figure out everything that's going on - a~la Lost. If you don't like the show, don't watch it but don't come on here and bash it. Those of us that do like it, enjoy it and that's our right as well

  • According to Jim in my opnion is one of the best family comedy's made. Awesome show go Jim!

    This show is about a family with their world troubles day and night. Jim (Jim Belushi) is married to Cheryl ( Courteney Thorne-Smith) with their three children Ruby (Taylor Atelian), Gracie (Billi Bruno), and Kyle (Conner Rayburn) and Cheryl's sibling Andy (Larry Joe Campbell) and Dana ( Kimberly Willams-Paisley. A family that is a geat comedy show aired in 2001 and is on their ending season 8 right now this show is aired on ABC 8:00 to 9:00. Dana was cut from the show on season 7 because Kimberly was having a baby and it would be to complicated. Jim and Cheryl just had two baby's.
  • What is the deal?

    I never thought and still don't think that Jim Bulushi is at all funny. I never thought his brother was funny either. This show isn't bad, but it isn't very good either. I would say the good parts of the show would have to be the acting on the behalf of the actress Courtney Thorne-Smith. The comedy was average and sometimes non-existent. I didn't like the storylines and the side characters as well as the writing for this show. It never did enough to distance itslef from other sitcoms and to make a lasting impression. Overall, it is just an average show. Thank you.
  • Show should have ended two years ago while on top of the game.

    "Jim" had it's glory days as most shows do. The first four years of the show were excellent and I still occasionally watch the reruns. After around a six year run the party is over for cast and crew. The party should have ended with the conclusion of the 2006 season. You always want to go out on top of your game. Anyway, Kimberly Williams-Paisley is gone, Courtney Thorne Smith is doing cameos at best, and most of the adult female lines are given to the tweenage girls. The show is already out of my DVR 2008-2009 lineup. Please cancel this boat load of crap and try to save what face, if any, if left.
  • Abysmal Pretty Much Sums It Up....

    There is absolutely nothing good about this show at all. The only reason the untalented hack who plays Jim's friend is on TV at all is that he's the only guy in the world *less* talented and attractive than Jim Belushi, so he plays Jim Belushi's friend on this all-tapes-should-be-burned travesty of a sitcom According to Jim, in a transparent effort to make Jim look at least a little bit better by comparison. It says a lot that on a show with absolutely nothing going for it, with jokes that are completely unfunny and predictable, loaded with one-dimensional characters who are also unfunny and predictable, this guy still stands out as being the worst, least talented character on this show. How is garbage like this put on TV?
    Oh and we're supposed to believe that the good looking girl is actually married to that fat slob idiot Jim Belushi? Note to the good looking actress - if you're pretending to be married to Jim in an effort to get closer to John Belushi, he's dead. Which raises the question, why is Jim Belushi still getting work?
  • why did you take this show off ,i work for a big company and more then half of the people that i have talked to are asking the same question where is according to jim please bring it back

    why did you take this show off ,i work for a big company and more then half of the people that i have talked to are asking the same question where is accouding to jim , this show was so funny it makes people smile and laugh , with all the things going on in the world today people need some laughter in there life please bring it back we love all the people that play in this show they are all perfect for there parts please bring it back bring back according to jim , i cant understand how a good show like this could just be gone when there are so many show on the air that have lower ratings ,, bring back according to jim
  • what is this what the hll is this dana and wife of jim this show is ptrid make this thing what is this ichy dana character her arms are always lifting into the air into the cmera to the audience like making karate this bastrd reviling to audience

    what is this what the hll is this dana and wife of jim this show is ptrid rotten make this thing what is this ichy dana character her arms are always lifting into the air into the cmera to the audience like making karate this bastrd is reviling to audience kick the as of this showwhat is this what the hll is this dana and wife of jim this show is outrid rotten make this thing what is this ichy dana character her arms are always lifting into the air into the cmera to the audience like making karate this bastrd reviling to audience kick the as of this show
  • According To Jim is a show about a husband and wive's daily drama-but the couple in this show has a bit of a different type of drama! Jim,the main star,is a very sarcastic and fun man. But his wife,Cheryl,and their two kids,Gracie and Ruby are used to it.

    According To Jim is like the best show ever! It is completely hilarious! I love it! I have Time Warner Cable and I make sure every episode is recorded. It is a nice family show, too! You should try watching it! I highly recommend it. Dana and Andy (Cheryl's Brother and sister) are the funniest characters. But so are Cheryl and Jim's kids, Gracie and Ruby....and Jim....and Cheryl! But wait! So are their neighbors Cindy and Tim! Oh,yeah They are HILARIOUS! I guess everybody in this show is funny. Please, just try it. I am almost sure you'd love it! That is if you have a fun personality! Airkisses,Puppyluvinchef
  • Pretty good show, Listen it is no Seinfeld or arrested development, but it does make me laugh, I do not know why a lot of people trash this show, I miss the days when there were a lot of sitcoms on, and this show does a good job of comedy.

    Jim Belushi plays Jim, A father of three kids who married up (that is married someone normaly out of his league) Cheryl, played by Courtney thorne-Smith is a good natured wife who does not usually get to upset with Jim's antics and get rich schemes, whether he is trying to find a way to get out of babysitting, or going to a child's recital or any number of things that are taking away time from him to watch his beloved Chicago sports teams, Chery just writes it off as Jim being Jim, Usually going along with Jim's plans are Cheryl's loveable big lug of a brother Andy, While Cheryl has her sister Dana to keep her sane, all in all I think it is a very good show.
  • Typical family sitcom.

    This is a typical family sitcom where the main husband / father does something to anger another family member and everyone makes up in the end. Jim is a typical sports loving guy with a decent job but usually makes the dumbest mistakes. Of course, his wife is always sensible and balances him out. The only thing that slightly separates this show from all the other sitcoms is that in many episodes, Cheryl and her not so perky sister Dana team up against Jim. (Sometimes it seems like just to see him suffer.) This show is worth watching if you're looking to pass some time.
  • A show about two sisters a brother a husband and some kids. A crazy show thats fun to watch.

    According to Jim is a great show and its so fun to watch. The series has some quite unexpected things popping up, which I enjoy watching. Also there's so much humor in every episode your almost guaranteed to laugh out loud when your watching it. They usually have a good story line. Which usually picks on Andy or has Jim do something behind Cheryl's back but only to get caught later. The actors and actresses are wonderful in According to Jim. This isn't my favorite show but its not bad and is worth watching so you should watch it some time.
  • This show is better than what critics say.

    It seems critics and people like to bash on shows like According to Jim, a show that is actually quite funny with Jim as a very likable and entertaining guy, his friend and brother-in-law Andy is also funny and an extremely well support character for Jim.

    The show mainly focuses around Jim and his wife, Cheryl, either trying to trick eachother or win an argument, though Dana and Andy usually get caught into it somehow. Although it sounds bland, it truly is a funny show that is worth watching, the writers know how to pull it off quite well.

    The show is either a "love it or hate it" type, it's hard to have a middle-ground on it. Some people despise it and wish it was off the air, but people like me find it funny and a good sitcom. I hope they keep listening to the latter and keep the show on the air. I give it an 8.3/10.
  • Not ment for broadcasting.

    According To Jim is a show I have been watching with my family for a while now. I really don't like the subjects they put into alot of the episodes. Come on. Leaving their pregnant daughter home just so they can finish their little record of "mommy and daddy time" in every state. Kinda stupid if you ask me. Plus, the characters arn't even that original. 2 Beerbellies. Thats about it. This is a show I deffinatly would not recomend unless you're dying for humor. If that's the case watch it for a good 5 minutes. If its not funny at all, by all means, CHANGE THE CHANNEL.
  • This show shows the life of a guy named Jim, with his wife and three kids. Used to be a great show but is getting worse.

    This show used to be one of my favorite shows on televion. The early parts of the show were great, but as the seasons went by the show's getting worse. The storyline is that Jim and his wife always get into fights and other related stuff. The main character is Jim, a middle aged lazy man who is always do stupid stuff to get out of doing stuff his wife, Cheryl, and the rest of his family. There is Cheryl, Jim's wife that always tries to get Jim to do stuff and change Jim. There is Jim's brother-in-law, Andy, who is an overweight guy who is normally helping Jim in his plots. There is Cheryl's sister, Diana, who hates Jim and often helps Cheryl find out what Jim and Andy are doing. Jim and Cheryl have three kids, Ruby, Gracie, and Kyle. There are no other real characters they use besides them. A few of my complaints are that they repeating the ideas of an episode so many times. Another is that some stuff that happens would never happen in real life. Even with that I still watch it, but if the series continues for too long I may stop watching it.
  • It's a classic but it's still funny!

    So, Jim is a normal sitcom-guy (man) married to a normal sitcom-wife. He is a trouble and she fixes things for him. He messes up everything and she is the one who needs to fix everything. They have 2 little children. They usually make the funny lines with sex talk like: "Robby in school grabbed his penis and stuff like that. There is a chubby dude with a problem with girls and there is a gorgeous girl with problems with boyfriends. Also usual. Although this is a classic and an usual show, it's very fun to watch! I can relax with that show...
  • "According to Jim" is unfunny, annoying and overacted.

    "According to Jim" is a ABC show. It stars Jim Belushi, the brother of the late legendary John Belushi.

    "According to Jim" is about Jim, a dad who is lazy and somewhat fat. Jim is married to Cheyrl, his wife who is a overprottected mother of three. The three little children Gracie, Ruby, and Kyle are pretty much the same personalities of T.V. children, annoying, loud and I think cute. Dana, the sister in law who is annoying and somewhat bossy. Andy, the brother in law and best friend of Jim, he is fat and good friend.

    The show's problem is that the characters are overacted, and also the show feels more like a cartoon than a live action show. This show also feels more like bloopers from old sitcom shows about families. But, I thought some of the ideas in "According to Jim" were kinda creative. But, I recommeded skipping "According to Jim".

    3.1 out of 10.
  • Cool

    It is a very very funny show indeed. I don't know if I repeat some of the ideas in the others reviews, but I just have to say that this is one of those family comedies that makes me laugh with tears in the eyes. I mean.. not really.. but close to that. I like it because we have simple, kind and intelligent humour.. everyone gets the jokes and they are pretty funny. It's not like Everybody Love Raymond funny, but let's just say.. enough entertainment to make me spend half hour of my life just to watch it.. It's a great show.
  • This show is about Jim, his wife Cheryl,and their kids Ruby, Gracie, and Kyle. Cheryl's brother and sister are also central to the theme.

    I watched a couple of episodes from this show in it's sixth season, and was surprised that Jim was actually entertaining. Courtney Thorne-Smith and Kimberly Williams work well together and make believable sisters. They're always picking on their brother Andy and Cheryl's husband Jim. Well, everyone picks on Andy. Even the two little girls, Ruby and Gracie. Dana, played by Kimberly, once commented that Cheryl married beneath her. Jim responded that he wasn't offended because he married above him. That sums up the basis of their marriage. Jim is always embarassing his wife especially around the neighborhood. Jim Belushi's real-life children often play parts on the show.
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