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  • One of the best sitcoms......

    This show is one of the best sitcoms. It is just such a great show that has never failed to make me laugh. The comedy is so good and it makes you want to come back for more. That is how good it is. The actors on this show are great together and I would recommend this show to anyone who is having a bad day. This show could just brighten your day. The actors on this show make it so funny of course but it's what they have that makes it funny. They all have comedic chemistry and that makes this show shine.
  • According to Jim is a hilarious show, starring the famous Jim Belushi as Jim and his wacky family!

    According to Jim is one of my favourite shows, and I think that it is very funny. And the food jokes about Jim make it better and better. I really like it, but, I had to get used to it at first. The jokes get really funny, especially Jim's obsession with food. Cheryl is also a great character, and I love seeing her in all the episodes. I think that the show is really funny, considering the crazy families, and all the jokes about love, family and so on. I also really like it when Jim makes jokes about Cheryl.
  • I love it!

    Wow, this show is cool! I just discovered it about a year ago and i think it is awesome!!! Tied with George Lopez for my favorite sitcom. Jim reminds me so much of my dad! He's even a contractor!!! But my dad would never do all the crazy things Jim does... Andy and Jim are definitely my favorite characters. I was devistated when i found out Jim was cancelled, but so relieved when it was picked back up! Sadly, the same thing cannot be said for george lopez. But According to jim is really hilarious and i watch it whenever i can, and i will always think this show rocks!!!
  • Cracks me up everytime

    Funny as hell, but Not one of my favorites, I watch it if nothing else is on, I used to watch with my family when younger when I didn't have a TV in my room and was forced to watch something with them,,so I was kind forced to like it LOL.. Not but it is really funny... L L l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l l
  • According To Jim is about a family with a man named Jim, he has three children: Ruby, Gracie, and Kyle with wife Cheryl. He has so many adventures with his brother-in-law Andy.

    I found this show in 2005 when I saw a commercial for the next season. I got hooked on it. I love the interesting adventures Jim and Andy go on, and Jim's wife Cheryl always finds out. I hope this show sticks around for many more seasons. Some other characters I find funny are: Ruby and Gracie who are always making fun of Andy, even Cheryl's sister, Dana makes fun of him. You will always find this show on my Favorites list, always. I definately voted this show a 8.7. Another character that is funny and cute is the youngest child of Jim and Cheryl: Kyle. In my opinion, this show fits ABC.
  • A really funny show

    This is a show about a family that lived in downtown Chicago . Jim the head of the family who loves beer, sport and money and his wife Cheryl who`s...well a good wife are after all a normal family who have 3 kids and always get visited by Cheryl`s brother Andy and sister Dana who practikly live there I really liked this show.It was nice , funny and a good way to pass the time.It`s not the best comedy ever but it is surely a decent show . I would like to see more episodes because I didn`t get how and if it ended.
  • It's a great funny show :D

    It's a great funny show :D

    I love this show it's hilarious. I love everything about this show, especially the relationship between Dana and Jim, and Jim and Cheryl, and Gracie and Andy hehehehhehehe :D
    James Belushi is so funny, here in my country they put the Show late at night 12:30 pm I love to stay late just to watch it and every day at school I was sleepy because I had stayed up late the night before, but According to Jim totally worth it I recommend everybody to watch it because its soooooo funny :D

    This 100 words really bugs
  • A sitcom about a normal family in downtown Chicago, but is it really normal. Not when Jim, the head of the family, is only interested in three things: sports, beer, food. Not when Andy, is best friend, has only two things in mind: dating women and food.

    I first saw "According to Jim" in 2006 and from the first day, I have fallen in love with it. I really like the whole concept of the show even though one has to admit that it is nothing new. What I really like is the fact that the series is all about comedy and that there are no hart-breaking, serious moments included in this one. Most of the time the comedy series of today are depicted with dramatic sequences (such as Scrubs,...) and when I watch a comedy series and don't want to think about problems with which I am confronted everyday, I just want to relax and have a good time. If I want drama, I watch the everyday news.
    Back to "According to Jim": Every character in this series brings something different to the table and I can see bits of myself in every single character. Naturally my favourite character is Andy, Jim's best friend, who is trying everything, and by everything I mean literally everything, to get a woman. Unfortunately with his "imposing" physique his chances aren't really that good.
    Cheryl can be seen as the "good conscience" of the family and she tries really hard to educate her children, even though Jim isn't always the best role model for their three little kids.
    To conclude I think that "According to Jim" is a series that has gotten better every season, the sixth season being the top, and fortunately ABC has decided to give it another shot with a seventh season, which it deserves no doubt about it.
  • This is the funniest family comedy since Everybody Loves Raymond and The King of Queens!

    I found this show b/c I was looking for something to replace Raymond on my TIVO. I've seen every episode of Raymond 5-6 times and wanted something new. According to Jim makes my husband and I laugh so hard we cry!! We LOVE this show just as much as Raymond or King of Queens!. Jim Belushi is hysterical and the chemistry between all the actors is outstanding. The show needs more publicity so more people will hear about it and watch it. I look forward to the re-runs every single day. It's GREAT!!! Keep 'em coming season after season!
  • Better than before.

    I normally don't enjoy this show but it been about the only thing that I've been watching lately so I think it's grown on me. It's not amazingly funny but it does have funny parts. At first I kinda wondered how Cheryl ended up with Jim because he's not all that attractive, but hey, I guess it works.
  • A great family comedy, maybe the best!!

    According to Jim... What I learned from this series is that Jim is a man who gets and does everything according to himself!:D Great show, with very funny quirky characters, the interactions and the dialog is awesome, and also very intelligent. While laughing your guts out, you can also recall some of the memories of your own family. That's why it's such a warm show. Like a member of your family. There are Jim's and Cheryl's and Andy's and Dana's in out lives. Like I said, great comedy and truly, one of the best ever came. I love According to Jim, if you can't tell! :D
  • Jim Belushi stars as Jim, with a soft spot for his wife, Cheryl (Courtney Thorne-Smith), and their three precocious kids -- Ruby (Taylor Atelian), Gracie (Billi Bruno) and Kyle (Conner Rayburn).

    I pretty much only watch this at 6:00 during the week. I don't really watch the new episodes that are on. This show can be funny, but all they really do is argue Jim and Cheryl. It does have some humor to it though. When there's nothing else on, this is enjoyable and entertaining. The kids on this show are cute though. I like them. It's always interesting to see what Jim will do next, he always does the stupidest things. I heard the they are not making new episodes anymore, so that's fine with me. I pretty much would take it or leave it with this show.
  • os according to jim cancelled or not????

    According to Jim is the best show on tv. Not only do i watch it on its wednesday night airing, but watch it 5X a day in reruns...i will even watch the same episode back to back. i cant figure out if it is cancelled or not- one minute i hear yes, one minute i hear no. i surely hope it is not as i think it is the best show on tv right now, enjoyable to all. ABC would be stupid to cancel it and if they do, i hope someone else picks it up.
  • This was a great show.

    Ok, maybe I shouldn't have said bring it back, because Courtney was leaving this season, and the show wouldnt be as great without her, but if the rumors are true, that there might be a midseason run, I would definitely check it out. This show is about one man, Jim, and his family, including his wife Cheryl, her sister Dana, and her brother Andy, and their children Ruby, Gracie, and Kyle. What makes this show great, is that every character is lovable, and it gives them great chemistry to be a better, and funnier show. I'm not sure why some people are complaining that the show didnt get a proper sendoff, as i thought Jim's 50th birthday was a great way to send the show off, especially pictures and video of Jim when he was younger. This was a great show, and i do hope those rumors are true, but until then, reruns on CW will keep me happy for now.
  • Why did this show end?

    I loved this show. It was so funny. The cast worked great together, so why did it end? I heard that it had something to do with Courtney Thorn-Smith. She did not want to re-up her contract or something. And we all know that the show would not have worked without her. I am just going to miss seeing Jim and Andy's crazy antics each week. I hope that Jim Belushi can quickly find another sitcom, he is hilarious, although he will never be as good as he was in According to Jim because the cast just made him so much better. Also, I love Kimberly Williams-Paisley. She is so funny, she has great comic timing. I hope to see her in TV again soon to. Although I won't hold my breath, she and Brad have started a family and I could see her being a stay at home mom for a while.
  • It began as well, turned into better, developed into the best.

    The show was pretty decent in its beginnings and it just developed into becoming one of ABC's TV's best family sitcoms!

    I love shows like According to Jim...They're family-alike and make me feel like we're there. This show deserves more...more appreciation and all..

    It should be back for another reason...i love it.
  • I like how all of the characters of According to Jim fit together. I also like the chemistry between Jim Belushi and Courtney Thorn-Smith's characters. They remind me of a real life couple.

    According to Jim is a very funny show. It is funny throughout the show - from beginning to end.

    I like Jim Belushi's humor and how he is always putting his sister-in-law down and her comedic comebacks. I also like Jim's humor with his brother-in-law Andy. This show works for me. It is an outrageously funny show. I am glad it was brought back. I cannot say enough about this show.
  • i dont know much about this show but from the litte bit ive seenkay its okay

    i dont know much about this show but from the litte bit ive seenkay its okay it as a basic family with two daughters A mom and dad and an idiot uncle and an annoying sister in law i cant really type taht much about the show because i havent seen alot of episodes bu the basic humor comes from the main character Jim and his almost side kick like (* im guessing Brother inlaw)and the way they get themselves in and out of trouble with /Jims wife and all the other people they ave to respect.l l l l
  • Cookie Cutter sitcom but it is an okay show.

    According to Jim is just a basic sit com. The jokes are sometimes pretty good but sometimes they are not. I do enjoy it but mostly since nothin else I wanna watch is on at the time. Like I said Jim is just an okay show but Its been on a while and I would like to see if it can improve
  • I\'m generally not a fan of the comedy genre, but this was hilarious!! My favorite show for a good laugh!!

    I have to say that I really didn\'t think I would enjoy this series, according to my history of not liking the comedy genre. But, I have to say that this series is ideally all about real life, and I think a lot of families can relate to what goes on in the show. As weird as that may sound, my point is that every family has experienced at least one thing that has happened on this show. Whether it be doing the dishes, or encouraging your un-graceful kid to take dance classes, there is at least one similarity to every family on the planet. This show is all about reality, and what goes on in some households daily. I love this show for a great laugh.
  • love this show

    this show is so hilarious with each episode...i love the bickering between jim and i guess it's the sister or neighbor or friend...whatever she reminds me of still standing with the bickering between bill and judy's's hilarious...i also love how real the show seems like these things happen in life you know the cussing in front of kids and they pick it up and say it to someone then you get in trouble for that...just the whole thing of trying to be a role model for your kids and messing up along the way makes it funnier. i love the show and i kinda don't know when it's on so if anyone can e-mail me i'd appreciate it
  • a great show

    This is an amazingly great show. I think it is one of the best shows on tv and it is kinda suprising that it hasnt been cancelled yet because most of the shows like this i like always gets kicked off the air somehow. Jim also does something to keep the show almost dramatic and it alwasy had a huge point of humor, like the episode that Jim and his wife were both bidding on e-bay for the same Mike Ditka autographed helment. The show gets better and better and im glad the put it on the CW because i cant watch all the other episodes. a great show
  • Why I Love this Show

    I love this show. It's sort of a cross between "Married With Children" and "Home Improvement." Jim Belushi is one of the funniest guys I know, and both Courtney Thorne Smith and Kimberly Williams are total babes. The show gives me hope a guy like me could get a hot wife, but if I was Jim, I wouldn't be so quick to constantly put one over on the wife. His partner in crime played by Larry Joe Campbell is sort of described as Doogie Howser with a weight problem and obsession for science fiction and fantasy, but he's a fun sidekick. What I like most about this show is that Courtney is even sexier when she's angry, and she's angry a lot - she's a lot of fun when she's getting revenge on Jim, and I think he knows it; why else would he constantly be trying to pull one over on her?
  • This show is about an over sexed fat guy who thinks the world revolves around his beer drinking. The jokes are what my 12 year old thinks is funny burbing, farting. What a waste! Jim is an amazing musician, but dude give up the white trash comedy!

    I have a very hard time with this show. Jim is sooo good at music, I have been to see his show twice. His comedy during his musical show is good. I just can't get the white trash image out of my head with this show. Jim and Courtney argue and try to lie or trick each other in almost every episode. Don't even get me started on Andy who for some reason thinks he is sexy and continues to show up in episodes in boxers. Dude no one needs to be subjected to that! If I don't like the show how do I know so much about it? My 12 year old thinks it's funny. I try to read or find another tv in the house when subject to this. I do look up from my book when Jim is playing his music on the show. If you're going to keep this show going, put more of the harminica, and blues in it.
  • Not the best, but decent show.

    While a lot of people hate this show, I actually like it. When there's an episode of "King of Queens" or "Everybody Loves Raymond," if "According to Jim" airs at the same time, I'd rather watcch ATJ. The show maybe isn't the best show in the world, it's not even original or cutting edge, but this show is still funny. I love Courtney-Thorne Smith's performace, and her sister is also quite interesting.

    Although Jim may not be the best man ever, he's just a regular man with flaws, just like all of us. For me, the show is pretty good and a half hour worth spending. And it's amazing that this show is on air for 6 seasons. If it wouldn't be good, it wouldn't air for so long.
  • According to me, it blows!

    I can see where some people might be fooled into thinking this show is actually funny . . . there's a 'loveable'/overweight everyman father, know it all kids and relative who lives nearby and a nagging/Mother knows best. All the ingredients for a great family sitcom. Except, Jim Belushi . . .who, despite being mildly succesful in films, may have gone a step outside of his realm with this show.

    I am always bored stiff of this show, on the few occasions when I am subjected to a clip or when I end up watching it because I lost my remote. I've seen one complete episode over the life of this series atrocity, and that's all I need to be able to say -DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!
  • Funny.

    According to jim is a sitcom about a man named Jim his three kids and his wife cheryl. According to jim airs on abc and it's one of the funniest shows on tv at the moment. I think it's going into it's final season. My favourite charachter is jim and cheryls sister dana is also quite funny. Some episodes of this show that i have watched have been a little dull like the episode when jim tries to run a marathon so his kid will continue playing besketball but there are hilarious episodes like the one he meets up with his ex girlfriend to start up a business.

    Overall: A decent show.
  • is this still on?

    why hasn't this show been cancelled yet? now i understand that sitcoms are basically all the same, but i do not know of one this bad that has been on this long. of the few times that i have had to sit through an entire episode i have found myself getting dumber every minute.
  • Waste of time.

    One of the most unoriginal shows on TV. The typical dumb, fat husband who somehow picks up a stunning wife. Yawn. Simpsons, king of queens, home improvement, family guy. Really struggles for laughs. I cant understand why Tv shows cant think of a new formula other than dumb guy and hot wife who cant cook. Also has the same in laws, brothers, sisters thing we have seen before in everybody loves raymond. This show really is a dissapointment i cant believe it has made it in to its 5th season. The show has a major problem with its laugh track, it really needs to be turned down, A lot.
  • I can't believe I actually enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures. You know you're not supposed to enjoy it that much but you can't help enjoying it.

    I can't believe I actually enjoyed this! It's like one of life's guilty pleasures. You know you're not supposed to enjoy it that much but you can't help enjoying it. I can't believe I'm typing this but long live According to Jim. You have one more (secret) supporter here! ok.
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