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  • A Throwback To Those Classic Family Sitcoms America Once Loved.

    With all these crappy "reailty" tv shows on very channel now and shows that cant even hit the double digit episode mark, it seems there are no more sitcoms on TV, except According To Jim. He's as lazy as Homer Simpson and As clever as Dr. Huxtable, and while he may not be remembered in that same category as those TV dads, he certainly will be one of the most underatted of all-time as well as show.
  • Show

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • great show

    I love this show Jim is able to keep me laughing no matter how many times I see the reruns. The casting for this show I think was pretty close to perfect I could not imagine any other people playing these parts and being as funny as they are right now.
  • ...Lastly I mention Jim Belushi. He is just fab in his part as Courtney's hubby. It's both scary and exhilerating to watch him. It's like seeing John Belushi but all grown up and, well, normal (mentally)...

    I have watched this from its beginning and I find myself always wanting to watch when it's on. For me, it has a lot to do with the actors on it. I'm so glad Courtney Thorn Smith decided to do ATJ, because it shows a snugly, sweet, Earth Mother side of her that's really appealing. Kimberly Williams is very believable and refreshing as her Single Career Woman With Angst sister. Larry Joe (forgot his last name) is funny and sympathetic and happily helpless as her brother.

    Lastly I mention Jim Belushi. He is just fab in his part as Courtney's hubby. It's both scary and exhilerating to watch him. It's like seeing John Belushi but all grown up and, well, normal (mentally). For years now, I've watched Jim and seen only John. Now, thanks to this show, I am finally seeing Jim for Jim. He is pure funny, great timing, great sincerity, and he knows how to be serious when it calls for it. Great dimension for a character who started out as little more than just a caricature. I've been delightfully amazed. He's quite good in this particular role (you know, like Ackroyd is just excellent as the balding Southern good ole boy of both Driving Miss Daisy and My Girl), and I hope this sitcom makes it for a few years so I can keep on enjoying it.

    Courtney knows how to hold her own and then some against Jim. They walk the thin line between being the Bundies and the Bunkers and the Buchmans. Their chemistry is very on-target. Everyone's is, actually.

    The arguments are quite believable. Good writing. I like the running joke about expanding vocabulary.

    This show isn't Seinfeld or Cheers, but it is a solidly written comical commentary on married family life. Couples can watch together and both enjoy it, neither gender is spared, both are poked fun at and both are strongly represented. I agree with the previous post that if you dislike Belushi, you probably won't like it. Ditto for C.T.-S., although she might surprise you.

    If you do decide to check it out, give it 3 chances. I didn't warm up to it til after that many episodes, and now I'm glad I gave it a chance. It's a nice change from Reality Everything.
  • Jim Belushi is great!

    Jim Belushi is a classic comedian. His work is great. The characters are all funny, especially Jim & Andy. They are a total riot together. Dana is a total dingaling! Cheryl's entire family are a funny bunch, poor Jim lol.

    I really enjoy this show. The storylines are good and funny. The kids are even great. There is comedy throughout the show.

    Check out the show at least once before dismissing it!
  • The life and times of Jim Belushi set in a 30 minute sitcom.

    This show is one of the funniest sitcoms on television right now. Jim Belushi is quirky, chauvistic, and lovable all at the same time. He comes as close to a male chauvinist pig as you can get, but at the same time seems like he just needs a hug. Courtney Thorne Smith is the perfect foil for his antics and the brother and sister are perfect in their roles. If you want guaranteed laughs, watch this show!
  • Jim a typical American man with a wife and two, dealing with his wife and his brother and sister in law.

    Since the first season i have watched this show but every season it seems to get worse. Its always funny, but I seem to lose more and more interest each episode.I predict that this show wont last very much longer. Too bad though because it started off quite good. So if you need something to watch and its on give it a try for an episode or two.
  • According to Jim is your show featuring the perfect American family with, a bit of quirk mixed in.

    Another show I don't follow but, I do enjoy. A while back while my family and I spent the long weekend at a cabin, this was one of the only shows that was on during the day. So, that's what I watched. I really enjoyed it. It's quite a funny show and Jim is just a great actor. I love his style. According to Jim is a fantastic show for everybody. It can be enjoyed and appreciated by many on all different age levels. I really can't think of a bad thing to say about the show. The only thing I'm wondering is - why don't I watch it more often?
  • It is so funny, I wish they would put it back on because it is so cool and a great show.

    I wish this show was back on because its just a laugh and people can really relate to this show because its just like life and shows how dumb man can really be and what little toddlers can get up to and what sort of trouble they can cause when out in public.
  • Stupid, but relaxing.

    You've just spent six hours reading about how other people think you should interpret Dostoevsky - when you get home, you don't want Bill Maher, any of the Bristows, the Bluths or something Whedonesque, you want Jim... Jimmy... James... Jimbo! The show is a "my girlfriend is sleeping with my best friend but I have just broken my leg in three places so this hurts more" kind of distraction. It's not pretty, but it works every time. So as to keep leg-breakage to a minimum, a couple of nice folks came together and created "According To Jim" - a story about something as original as a husband who screws everything up, has his stable and way too attractive wife call him up on it - but... in the end everyone laughs and gets along and are happy - just like families everywhere!
  • I give it a 10 alone because of Kimberly Williams.

    Decent family comedy. Belushi has his moments, and is backed by a nice cast. The character who plays Andy is above average funny, and (please ladies, don't take this as superficial, but...)both Courtney Thorne-Smith and Kimberly Williams are great eye candy. But more than that, they are both fine acctresses who get the job done. The kids are also good for laughs, especially the oldest daughter IMO. She's a riot.

    Give it a try. It might or might not be your cup of tea, but again, it's worth a looksy.
  • If ever a show was to get a bad rap - this is it. All it needs is a chance...

    I know, I know... most people probably think that this is yet another show about some lovable schlub with a middle class life. Like the Simpsons, but real and a lot less funny. Of course, these people would be right

    ATJ is a generic family sitcom, but deep down it has something that many other shows are lacking - a heart. While watching, we know that Jim is going to screw something up, his wife will be mad and that it will all be tied up neatly in a short 22 minute episode.

    But Jim loves his wife, and everything he does is for his family. And even though he has screwed up countless times, his family will forgive him every time.

    The cast really does have good chemistry with each other - you could actually believe they are a real family.

    Jim Belushi has finally stepped out of his brother's shadow and emerged as a comic talent himself. Nobody can play a schlub like him. The standout in the cast is Larry Joe Campbell as Jim's best friend/brother in law. I never fail to laugh at him when he's onscreen.

    Overall, I'd say ATJ is about as good as you can get from a generic family sitcom. It doesn't have the quality of Everybody Loves Raymond and it's not as bad as the banal Yes, Dear. It's what it is - a decnt show with a funny star.
  • I love According to Jim

    I love this show. Jim Belushi is one of the funniest men on television. He is the epitome of the average American man. Pairing him with Cheryl and her sister and brother really shows how a man can get into so much trouble and then not only have to hear about it from his wife, but his inlaws too....brilliant!!!
  • I'm looking forward to the new season and hope they leave it at same time slot.

    This show is growing on me, I am finding it funnier every season. It's going into it's third season, I think. I'm glad they finally have a "Cheryl" on tv., that's my name. It isn't heard too often. It's especially funny when Jim and Andy get together to concoct some scheme against Cheryl. It's usually the men against the women. The one I thought was the funniest was when Jim had to get his sperm tested and he exchanged Andy's for his and dr. says to Cheryl "is there any way your husband can be your brother?" It was hysterical. It is a very good show which I think people should give a chance. I'm looking forward to the new season.
  • Another show with a Fat leading man and good looking wife?

    This show was not funny when it first aired and is even more unfunny now. The trend of shows with marginal looking leading men with knock-out wives is tired. Jim Belushi is best when he's playing the bad guy. Courtney Thorne Smith is not a comedic actress and never will be. She is better in straight dramatic roles.

    Jim's sidekick is even more fouls with his flabby belly that is often shown. It's a tired formula of "roughed and insensitive husband" learning lessons but still being a bone-head. Jim gives all guys a bad rap. It's not funny watching a show about rude behavior and the fighting between the's old and I'm suprised that this show is still on the air
  • Jim and his horde, consisting of his ever faithful brother-in-law(crime), Andy; his loving wife, Cheryl; his pain-in-the-butt sister-in-law, Dana; and his 3 loving kids, Ruby, Gracie and Kyle.

    A story about a typical American father, who tries to do his best in raising his kids HIS way. His wife is like his conscience, without which he will do all sorts of weird things to amuse himself.

    What I find hard to grasp is the values he wholes so dear. It's always about him. Cheryl is always there to make him tow the line, but he still do all kinds of stff behind her, which is actually where the fun starts.

    Andy is a very lovable character, though over size.
    Dana is the typical careerly successful women with everything (ei money, looks, brains) except a life and a man by her side.

    Both Dana n Andy are the 'house-sitter' for Jim, which would explain why they are always at his house.

    All in all, it's a pretty decent show, the fun starts when Jim is up to no good, which is always.
  • Classic show about relationships between sisters, husband and wife and best friends. Comedy, warmth and feel good fun!

    I love this show. It really parallels my life with Dana the younger sister coming over and the issues she and Jim have. Also I love the way Jim and Cheryl try to \"one up\" each other! We love Andy as well and how he shows off his body with no care in the world...hilarious!
  • Experienced TV review writer with a cutting edge creative way of writing the reviews.please read my review of this show as well as other shows and if you happen to have questions or comments about my reviews, please feel free to e-mail me at; anthonyschan

    This show is writen for all ages. It is not a great comedy, it does have its flaws and will give you a laugh when you watch it. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying it is badly writen, it sure is not bad casted. I think the cast is great, but if the show is going to keep going, they have to have Jim write more of the shows material to have it survive.

    anthony schaneberger
    allentown,pa 18109
  • Love the show, funny and somewhat educational.

    Watching hypocritcal parents who are unrealistic is funny. (Come on, hot blonde like her marrying a fat man like Jim? In a million years). Also her sister is hot too, giving the sex appeal. Then theres the comedy part, watching Jim screw up and trying to hide it from his wife is usually the plot for each episode, and its great. Then some episodes to see both parents teach their child about something when they don't listen to their own advice is someting I just love to watch, guess its cause I can pick up a few pointers on where my parents are being hypocrites. Guess its underappreciated cause it doesn't appeal to a large group, but glad to see its been around for a few years.
  • Smile :)

    Okay I'll admit it, the first time I saw the commercial for this show I didn't think it looked all that great, but I decided I'd watch it anyway, and I'm glad I did. Courtney Thorne- Smith plays Jim's wife, shes kinda annoying but she also makes the show really worth watching. Larry Joe Campbell who plays Andy is absolutely hilarious and him and Jim make a great comdedic team. This is the only tv show that I have actually fell off the couch laughing to. I give this show 11 out of 10 stars. This show is staying put and not goin anywhere!!!
  • I can\'t believe there are good reviews for this

    I just spent 5 minutes laughing over the fact that there are people who gave good reviews for this show. Unbelievable. It is representative of everything wrong with American television - vapid, mindless crap crammed into 20 minutes.

    Anybody who watches this really needs to stop. I can\'t believe that intelligent, priceless classics like Arrested Development get axes while this show gets to see 100 episodes. Unbelievable.
  • According to Jim one of the current running sitcoms that is actually funny.

    My wife and I find ourselves laughing out loud often and occasionally saying "I can't believe they did/said that!" This is one of the shows where a dumpy guy gets a wife that is completely out of his league, but if you can accept the premise the situations are actually very funny. The band scenes often seem 'pressed' into the show to highlight Jim Belushi's musical talents, but there have been a couple shows where it actually played a central role in some plots. Overall one of the top current sitcoms in my opinion.
  • Funny Show

    what can I say about according to Jim, except that its great, Its got great characters, and its pretty funny, I think they did a great job at find the actors for this show they have great chemistry together. I try watching it every tuesday if I don't have to work.
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    it is great. it is funny. it is on tuesdays at 8 o clock on abc.v v v v v v v v v vvv v v v v v v v vv v v vv v v v vv v v vv v v v v v v v
  • I dont really like this show.

    Everytime I watch this show i have this feeling of a lack of story line and i am confused... or i just lose intrest very quickly and turn it off. Maybe if it had a better story line that i could agree with or something in common with me i would watch it.
  • What a bunch of B.S.

    Wow, only the first episode, and already this one has jumped. What a disappointment, because the promos looked so promising. The show was going merrily along like any typical "sitcom" these days, cute kids who are not funny, but then in the last few minutes Belushi took off his shirt and started rolling his fat all around. GROSS!!! That totally ruined it. I guess the attempt at "sexy comedy" was supposed to make up for the total lack of real comedy. The lead-in show (My Wife and Kids) was so good, then this bomb came on. This show stinks out loud! Nobody cares about Jim Belushi nor his grandma wife!
  • i like it

    its pretty good i almost always miss it but when i flick through the channels and see it i go sweet its a good show for once on CTV besides corner gas. This show is funny and i would watch it more if i remebered what time it is on.

  • I think this show is the real life version of my family

    I love this show, truly funny. The cast blend well together and they are able to convey what most families are really like, but never want to say.The episodes are always fresh and comical and they dont repeat the other networks shows. This one is definatly a classic comical show.
  • Terrible

    This show is the worst thing to ever appear on television. horrible. terrible. bad. ew. gah. you're kidding, right? yuck. i hate it. it's so lame. not funny at all. i do not know why it is still on the air. depressing really ... geez, isn't this fifty words yet?
  • Jim, the macho everyman, with a soft spot for his beautiful wife, Cheryl and their three precocious kids -- Ruby,Gracie and Kyle. at home Jim seems to keep Cheryl in constant turmoil with his boyish bravado and ever-willful antics.

    Jim Belushi stars as Jim, the macho everyman, with a soft spot for his beautiful wife, Cheryl (Courtney Thorne-Smith), and their three precocious kids -- Ruby (Taylor Atelian), Gracie (Billi Bruno) and Kyle (Conner Rayburn). A success at his construction business and the family breadwinner, at home Jim seems to keep Cheryl in constant turmoil with his boyish bravado and ever-willful antics. But their underlying love for each other guarantees they are in this marriage for keeps.

    Cheryl, for her part, instinctively aims for the straight and narrow, but secretly enjoys it when Jim coaxes out her playful side. It's an odd-couple tug-of-war of happily-married opposites yet equals. This is a love story couched in a family comedy.

    At the conclusion of last season, Cheryl's high-strung sister, Dana (Kimberly Williams-Paisley), a career woman who seemed destined to remain forever single, finally met and married a doctor and the man of her dreams (Mitch Rouse).

    Jim's brother-in-law and partner in the Ground Up design/building firm, Andy (Larry Joe Campbell), is Jim's foil but also his truest friend. Andy doggedly covers for his pal whenever Cheryl gets close to uncovering Jim's incessant schemes.
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