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  • Abysmal Pretty Much Sums It Up....

    There is absolutely nothing good about this show at all. The only reason the untalented hack who plays Jim's friend is on TV at all is that he's the only guy in the world *less* talented and attractive than Jim Belushi, so he plays Jim Belushi's friend on this all-tapes-should-be-burned travesty of a sitcom According to Jim, in a transparent effort to make Jim look at least a little bit better by comparison. It says a lot that on a show with absolutely nothing going for it, with jokes that are completely unfunny and predictable, loaded with one-dimensional characters who are also unfunny and predictable, this guy still stands out as being the worst, least talented character on this show. How is garbage like this put on TV?
    Oh and we're supposed to believe that the good looking girl is actually married to that fat slob idiot Jim Belushi? Note to the good looking actress - if you're pretending to be married to Jim in an effort to get closer to John Belushi, he's dead. Which raises the question, why is Jim Belushi still getting work?
  • watchable

    jim himself is the worst character he acts like a prick although his wife and the other girl are hot
  • Terrible

    This show is the worst thing to ever appear on television. horrible. terrible. bad. ew. gah. you're kidding, right? yuck. i hate it. it's so lame. not funny at all. i do not know why it is still on the air. depressing really ... geez, isn't this fifty words yet?
  • What a bunch of B.S.

    Wow, only the first episode, and already this one has jumped. What a disappointment, because the promos looked so promising. The show was going merrily along like any typical "sitcom" these days, cute kids who are not funny, but then in the last few minutes Belushi took off his shirt and started rolling his fat all around. GROSS!!! That totally ruined it. I guess the attempt at "sexy comedy" was supposed to make up for the total lack of real comedy. The lead-in show (My Wife and Kids) was so good, then this bomb came on. This show stinks out loud! Nobody cares about Jim Belushi nor his grandma wife!
  • what is this what the hll is this dana and wife of jim this show is ptrid make this thing what is this ichy dana character her arms are always lifting into the air into the cmera to the audience like making karate this bastrd reviling to audience

    what is this what the hll is this dana and wife of jim this show is ptrid rotten make this thing what is this ichy dana character her arms are always lifting into the air into the cmera to the audience like making karate this bastrd is reviling to audience kick the as of this showwhat is this what the hll is this dana and wife of jim this show is outrid rotten make this thing what is this ichy dana character her arms are always lifting into the air into the cmera to the audience like making karate this bastrd reviling to audience kick the as of this show
  • Show should have ended two years ago while on top of the game.

    "Jim" had it's glory days as most shows do. The first four years of the show were excellent and I still occasionally watch the reruns. After around a six year run the party is over for cast and crew. The party should have ended with the conclusion of the 2006 season. You always want to go out on top of your game. Anyway, Kimberly Williams-Paisley is gone, Courtney Thorne Smith is doing cameos at best, and most of the adult female lines are given to the tweenage girls. The show is already out of my DVR 2008-2009 lineup. Please cancel this boat load of crap and try to save what face, if any, if left.
  • is this still on?

    why hasn't this show been cancelled yet? now i understand that sitcoms are basically all the same, but i do not know of one this bad that has been on this long. of the few times that i have had to sit through an entire episode i have found myself getting dumber every minute.
  • Waste of time.

    One of the most unoriginal shows on TV. The typical dumb, fat husband who somehow picks up a stunning wife. Yawn. Simpsons, king of queens, home improvement, family guy. Really struggles for laughs. I cant understand why Tv shows cant think of a new formula other than dumb guy and hot wife who cant cook. Also has the same in laws, brothers, sisters thing we have seen before in everybody loves raymond. This show really is a dissapointment i cant believe it has made it in to its 5th season. The show has a major problem with its laugh track, it really needs to be turned down, A lot.
  • "According to Jim" is unfunny, annoying and overacted.

    "According to Jim" is a ABC show. It stars Jim Belushi, the brother of the late legendary John Belushi.

    "According to Jim" is about Jim, a dad who is lazy and somewhat fat. Jim is married to Cheyrl, his wife who is a overprottected mother of three. The three little children Gracie, Ruby, and Kyle are pretty much the same personalities of T.V. children, annoying, loud and I think cute. Dana, the sister in law who is annoying and somewhat bossy. Andy, the brother in law and best friend of Jim, he is fat and good friend.

    The show's problem is that the characters are overacted, and also the show feels more like a cartoon than a live action show. This show also feels more like bloopers from old sitcom shows about families. But, I thought some of the ideas in "According to Jim" were kinda creative. But, I recommeded skipping "According to Jim".

    3.1 out of 10.
  • Jim Belushi stars as Jim, with a soft spot for his wife, Cheryl (Courtney Thorne-Smith), and their three precocious kids -- Ruby (Taylor Atelian), Gracie (Billi Bruno) and Kyle (Conner Rayburn).

    I pretty much only watch this at 6:00 during the week. I don't really watch the new episodes that are on. This show can be funny, but all they really do is argue Jim and Cheryl. It does have some humor to it though. When there's nothing else on, this is enjoyable and entertaining. The kids on this show are cute though. I like them. It's always interesting to see what Jim will do next, he always does the stupidest things. I heard the they are not making new episodes anymore, so that's fine with me. I pretty much would take it or leave it with this show.
  • Another show with a Fat leading man and good looking wife?

    This show was not funny when it first aired and is even more unfunny now. The trend of shows with marginal looking leading men with knock-out wives is tired. Jim Belushi is best when he's playing the bad guy. Courtney Thorne Smith is not a comedic actress and never will be. She is better in straight dramatic roles.

    Jim's sidekick is even more fouls with his flabby belly that is often shown. It's a tired formula of "roughed and insensitive husband" learning lessons but still being a bone-head. Jim gives all guys a bad rap. It's not funny watching a show about rude behavior and the fighting between the's old and I'm suprised that this show is still on the air
  • According to me, it blows!

    I can see where some people might be fooled into thinking this show is actually funny . . . there's a 'loveable'/overweight everyman father, know it all kids and relative who lives nearby and a nagging/Mother knows best. All the ingredients for a great family sitcom. Except, Jim Belushi . . .who, despite being mildly succesful in films, may have gone a step outside of his realm with this show.

    I am always bored stiff of this show, on the few occasions when I am subjected to a clip or when I end up watching it because I lost my remote. I've seen one complete episode over the life of this series atrocity, and that's all I need to be able to say -DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!
  • This show has officially jumped the shark. Just saw the episode \\\\\\\"Polite Jim\\\\\\\" and what a steaming pile! That writer Mike Fox should never be allowed to work again!

    This show has officially jumped the shark. Just saw the episode "Polite Jim" and what a steaming pile! That writer Mike Fox should never be allowed to work again! What's sad is just how great the show was before this episode. I don't know how poor Jim Belushi got through the taping of this episode.
  • It won't die!!!

    What is the love affair that ABC has with this show? I'll admit that in its early day it was a funny and entertaining show. But now it just has no more rubber left on its tires. Why can't ABC just move on. The ratings are not all that great and their not going to get any better.

    Please ABC, put it out of it's misery! ! ! !
    Please ABC, put it out of it's misery! ! ! !
    Please ABC, put it out of it's misery! ! ! !
    Please ABC, put it out of it's misery! ! ! !
    Please ABC, put it out of it's misery! ! ! !
  • This show is about an over sexed fat guy who thinks the world revolves around his beer drinking. The jokes are what my 12 year old thinks is funny burbing, farting. What a waste! Jim is an amazing musician, but dude give up the white trash comedy!

    I have a very hard time with this show. Jim is sooo good at music, I have been to see his show twice. His comedy during his musical show is good. I just can't get the white trash image out of my head with this show. Jim and Courtney argue and try to lie or trick each other in almost every episode. Don't even get me started on Andy who for some reason thinks he is sexy and continues to show up in episodes in boxers. Dude no one needs to be subjected to that! If I don't like the show how do I know so much about it? My 12 year old thinks it's funny. I try to read or find another tv in the house when subject to this. I do look up from my book when Jim is playing his music on the show. If you're going to keep this show going, put more of the harminica, and blues in it.
  • What is the deal?

    I never thought and still don't think that Jim Bulushi is at all funny. I never thought his brother was funny either. This show isn't bad, but it isn't very good either. I would say the good parts of the show would have to be the acting on the behalf of the actress Courtney Thorne-Smith. The comedy was average and sometimes non-existent. I didn't like the storylines and the side characters as well as the writing for this show. It never did enough to distance itslef from other sitcoms and to make a lasting impression. Overall, it is just an average show. Thank you.
  • Show

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • I can\'t believe there are good reviews for this

    I just spent 5 minutes laughing over the fact that there are people who gave good reviews for this show. Unbelievable. It is representative of everything wrong with American television - vapid, mindless crap crammed into 20 minutes.

    Anybody who watches this really needs to stop. I can\'t believe that intelligent, priceless classics like Arrested Development get axes while this show gets to see 100 episodes. Unbelievable.
  • Cookie Cutter sitcom but it is an okay show.

    According to Jim is just a basic sit com. The jokes are sometimes pretty good but sometimes they are not. I do enjoy it but mostly since nothin else I wanna watch is on at the time. Like I said Jim is just an okay show but Its been on a while and I would like to see if it can improve
  • Family Sitcom Above Average

    Title: According To Jim Other Title: The Dad Date (Original Run): 2001- Country: USA Network: USA: ABC Australia: Seven Network Cast: James) Belushi: Jim Courtney Thorne-Smith: Cheryl Kimberly Williams: Dana Larry Joe Campbell: Andy Taylor Atelian: Ruby Billi Bruno: Gracie Genre: Sitcom My Rating And Comments: 6/10

    James Belushi's acting is good in this show as well as his other films, so is Courtney Thorne-Smith , Larry Joe Campbell's acting is quite good as well as Kimberly Williams, young Taylor Atelian and Billi Bruno do a good job supporting the show

    Bottom Line: Acceptable Family Sitcom Above Average
  • Not ment for broadcasting.

    According To Jim is a show I have been watching with my family for a while now. I really don't like the subjects they put into alot of the episodes. Come on. Leaving their pregnant daughter home just so they can finish their little record of "mommy and daddy time" in every state. Kinda stupid if you ask me. Plus, the characters arn't even that original. 2 Beerbellies. Thats about it. This is a show I deffinatly would not recomend unless you're dying for humor. If that's the case watch it for a good 5 minutes. If its not funny at all, by all means, CHANGE THE CHANNEL.
  • Funny

    Accodring to Jim
    According to Jim is a show about Jim and his family. Jim is married and has two daughters, and Jim's friends.
    This is a funny show. According to Jim is a funny sitcom that recen tly ended, but was good. It has good writting and acting, and I like how funny are Jim's relation ships with his family and friends. The show re minds me of other sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond (which I think is a better than According to Jim). Its funny, a pretty funny show. Good one. It is pretty good. I say if you like to laugh with a simple show, this ones perfect.
  • According to Jim is your show featuring the perfect American family with, a bit of quirk mixed in.

    Another show I don't follow but, I do enjoy. A while back while my family and I spent the long weekend at a cabin, this was one of the only shows that was on during the day. So, that's what I watched. I really enjoyed it. It's quite a funny show and Jim is just a great actor. I love his style. According to Jim is a fantastic show for everybody. It can be enjoyed and appreciated by many on all different age levels. I really can't think of a bad thing to say about the show. The only thing I'm wondering is - why don't I watch it more often?
  • A show that can't go wrong week after week.

    According to Jim has proved to us, on the ratings and worldwide that it is a quality show. A show, extremely similar to that of Everybody Loves Raymond, the boys against the girls, it is a show I will never get sick of. Each episode continues to prove how good it is, it probably won't go down as one of the greatest shows ever made but it certainly is quality television. With a very solid cast there's no reason According to Jim can't make up to 8 seasons. Never running out of story lines and people never getting sick of this show is the key. A great quality show.
  • It is so funny, I wish they would put it back on because it is so cool and a great show.

    I wish this show was back on because its just a laugh and people can really relate to this show because its just like life and shows how dumb man can really be and what little toddlers can get up to and what sort of trouble they can cause when out in public.
  • The life and times of Jim Belushi set in a 30 minute sitcom.

    This show is one of the funniest sitcoms on television right now. Jim Belushi is quirky, chauvistic, and lovable all at the same time. He comes as close to a male chauvinist pig as you can get, but at the same time seems like he just needs a hug. Courtney Thorne Smith is the perfect foil for his antics and the brother and sister are perfect in their roles. If you want guaranteed laughs, watch this show!
  • Jim Belushi is great!

    Jim Belushi is a classic comedian. His work is great. The characters are all funny, especially Jim & Andy. They are a total riot together. Dana is a total dingaling! Cheryl's entire family are a funny bunch, poor Jim lol.

    I really enjoy this show. The storylines are good and funny. The kids are even great. There is comedy throughout the show.

    Check out the show at least once before dismissing it!
  • You'll regret hating it

    Definitely one of the best sitcom I've ever good thing is,they have lot of things going on and its not like nowadays shows where there's only on what's up with writers now?are they out of good scripts?according to jim and home improvement are one of the greatest sitcom series..

    here's one thing for haters,watch your gay comedy series like how i met your mother,two and a half men and some hannah montana because they suit you..

  • Why did this show end?

    I loved this show. It was so funny. The cast worked great together, so why did it end? I heard that it had something to do with Courtney Thorn-Smith. She did not want to re-up her contract or something. And we all know that the show would not have worked without her. I am just going to miss seeing Jim and Andy's crazy antics each week. I hope that Jim Belushi can quickly find another sitcom, he is hilarious, although he will never be as good as he was in According to Jim because the cast just made him so much better. Also, I love Kimberly Williams-Paisley. She is so funny, she has great comic timing. I hope to see her in TV again soon to. Although I won't hold my breath, she and Brad have started a family and I could see her being a stay at home mom for a while.
  • I give it a 10 alone because of Kimberly Williams.

    Decent family comedy. Belushi has his moments, and is backed by a nice cast. The character who plays Andy is above average funny, and (please ladies, don't take this as superficial, but...)both Courtney Thorne-Smith and Kimberly Williams are great eye candy. But more than that, they are both fine acctresses who get the job done. The kids are also good for laughs, especially the oldest daughter IMO. She's a riot.

    Give it a try. It might or might not be your cup of tea, but again, it's worth a looksy.
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