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According to Jim

ABC (ended 2009)


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  • "According to Jim" is unfunny, annoying and overacted.

    "According to Jim" is a ABC show. It stars Jim Belushi, the brother of the late legendary John Belushi.

    "According to Jim" is about Jim, a dad who is lazy and somewhat fat. Jim is married to Cheyrl, his wife who is a overprottected mother of three. The three little children Gracie, Ruby, and Kyle are pretty much the same personalities of T.V. children, annoying, loud and I think cute. Dana, the sister in law who is annoying and somewhat bossy. Andy, the brother in law and best friend of Jim, he is fat and good friend.

    The show's problem is that the characters are overacted, and also the show feels more like a cartoon than a live action show. This show also feels more like bloopers from old sitcom shows about families. But, I thought some of the ideas in "According to Jim" were kinda creative. But, I recommeded skipping "According to Jim".

    3.1 out of 10.
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