According to Jim

ABC (ended 2009)


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  • This show shows the life of a guy named Jim, with his wife and three kids. Used to be a great show but is getting worse.

    This show used to be one of my favorite shows on televion. The early parts of the show were great, but as the seasons went by the show's getting worse. The storyline is that Jim and his wife always get into fights and other related stuff. The main character is Jim, a middle aged lazy man who is always do stupid stuff to get out of doing stuff his wife, Cheryl, and the rest of his family. There is Cheryl, Jim's wife that always tries to get Jim to do stuff and change Jim. There is Jim's brother-in-law, Andy, who is an overweight guy who is normally helping Jim in his plots. There is Cheryl's sister, Diana, who hates Jim and often helps Cheryl find out what Jim and Andy are doing. Jim and Cheryl have three kids, Ruby, Gracie, and Kyle. There are no other real characters they use besides them. A few of my complaints are that they repeating the ideas of an episode so many times. Another is that some stuff that happens would never happen in real life. Even with that I still watch it, but if the series continues for too long I may stop watching it.
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