According to Jim

ABC (ended 2009)


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  • This show is better than what critics say.

    It seems critics and people like to bash on shows like According to Jim, a show that is actually quite funny with Jim as a very likable and entertaining guy, his friend and brother-in-law Andy is also funny and an extremely well support character for Jim.

    The show mainly focuses around Jim and his wife, Cheryl, either trying to trick eachother or win an argument, though Dana and Andy usually get caught into it somehow. Although it sounds bland, it truly is a funny show that is worth watching, the writers know how to pull it off quite well.

    The show is either a "love it or hate it" type, it's hard to have a middle-ground on it. Some people despise it and wish it was off the air, but people like me find it funny and a good sitcom. I hope they keep listening to the latter and keep the show on the air. I give it an 8.3/10.