According to Jim

ABC (ended 2009)


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  • Terrible

    According to Jim is so terrible I wish I could pull my own eyes out with a red hot poker just so I can't watch any more of it, but then I remember I can just turn the channel and everything is okay but it's still annoying that this show was ever put on TV and even surpassing that it was on for several seasons! I hate having to be careful when I flip the channels to make sure I avoid stopping for more than a split second on whatever channel reruns of this awful show are on, I don't want to even accidentally watch it at all because I'm sure it is doing serious damage to my brain. The writing and acting are crap and Jim Belushi has less talent than everyone in the world except maybe the other fat guy on this show who plays his friend and is even more annoying and talentless that Jim is. I hate hate hate this show.