According to Jim

Season 8 Episode 13

The Cooler One

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 12, 2009 on ABC



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    • Jim: Come on, Ruby. You're a good kid. I don't know why you're acting like this all of a sudden.
      Ruby: Because lately, Mom won't let me do anything, and I'm not a little kid anymore.
      Jim: Well, that's true. You lie like an adult, and you blackmail like the Russian mob.

    • Jim: Knock it off. Sit down. Now, I know you backed my truck into Mom's van!
      Ruby: I wanted to practice driving. You and Mom went for a walk, and the keys were just sitting there. Look, mistakes were made.
      Jim: Yeah. I think having you might have been one of them.

    • Ruby: Come on, Mom! It's just the mall! All the other kids are going.
      Cheryl: But no parents are going. You're too young.
      Ruby: Mom, I'm 14. In biblical times, 14-year-olds were mothers!
      Cheryl: And that is exactly why you're not going.
      Ruby: God, Mom, how can you be so uncool?
      Cheryl: Years of practice.
      Ruby: Yeah, a lot of years...
      Cheryl: (about her body) You should hope you've got this going on when you're my age.

    • Cheryl: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I am talking to you, young lady!
      Ruby: I'm going to my room, Less Young Lady!

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