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  • Amazing show! Somehow similar to 'Six Feet Under'...

    Ok folks, where to start?... Well, first, I'm american and stumbled upon this show and I have to admit I got hooked immediately upon episode 1. That says a lot because it happens to me very rarely. See, with 'Accused', it's all about incredibly well-crafted screenplays and how realistic and compelling each story is, and how each character is deeply developed and in many cases even lovable. That's something American 'legal' shows (except 'Damages') have obviously forgotten lately.
    The only thing I don't like is the opening credits' music, which is very lame and not on par with the quality of this show. For Christ's sake, someone tell'em how much it sucks! Actually the entire opening graphics are horrible. I think this show deserves something like what "6 FEET UNDER" had, something of that level. But maybe this show will be adapted in America, who knows. It definitely has lots of potential, with such a great screenwriter. I really love english shows lately, MISFITS is also a favorite of mine now, and at least it has some very cool graphics for the opening credits.
    Anyway, this show deserves a worldwide fame, because each story is so well crafted it could be a movie on its own. The only thing I dislike a bit was perhaps the happy endings sometimes too politically correct to my taste, especially in the 2 episodes where verdicts were 'not guilty'. It was of course a relief, but we all know in real life many innocents still go to prison. Besides that -and i guess it's because its broadcasted on the BBC- I give this show a 10.
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