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  • Adam Carolla plays a middle-class, married man with 2 sons. He works as a driving instructor & part time inventor "want to be" just waiting to hit it big with one of his gadgets.

    I attended the pilot episode taping of "Ace in the Hole" yesterday. They did a great job of introducing all the characters and Adam Carolla was excellent. The taping took 5 hrs but I was still laughing even when they redid scenes 2-3 times. The funniest parts where the pre-recorded clips showing Adam as a driving instructor in the car with his students. Adam is at his best when he is ranting about things that bug him. He voices the thoughts that most of us have but are afraid to say in our current "politically correct" world. I didn't care so much for the actor that played his stepson (his performance was good - just didn't like the smart mouthed character he portrayed). And while his actress/wife gave a strong performance, she seemed a little young for the role. The actor who plays his neighbor is the black guy from the Miller Lite beer commercials - he was funny. Overall, I thought it was a very good performance by all. I will definitely be watching it and recommending it to friends. I am hoping that they will get picked up for more episodes since we are sorely lacking good comedy on prime time networks. It would nice to have a family comedy for a change instead of just shows like The Office and 30 Rock.