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  • Best show in the world

    I'd just like to say wow! This is not only an epic kids show but an awesome epic show at the same time. I felt quite surprised after watching a great series 1 there would be a series 2! And I think series 2 made the show look better and more entertaining. Although series 1 was much better due to the younger versions of the cast series 2 had better taste in action and laughter with new villains Rotgut and Kilobyte. I really wished for a third season which was bound to be the last but it was cancelled! It was going to have a new vileness known as Candy Floss and I was very excited! Too bad that didn't haven but overall it was by far the most amazing show I have seen. I recommend it to all viewers of all ages.
  • Why did they cancel it?

    Ace Lightning, an awesome CBBC show about a boy named Mark Hollander from England who is adjusting to life in America and his life is even more crazy with his adventures with Ace Lightning, a video game character who has come to life, along with Aces enemies, the Frog Staff, Pig Face, The Zombie One, Lord Pain and new to series 2 villian, Killobyte! There is also Aces friends, Sparx and a lightning knight turned bad whose name i don't remember! Aces friend, Chuck, is a nerd who finds out the truth of Ace Lightning and them in series 2! About time i think
  • Mark Hollander, a new arrival in America, has even more trouble adjusting to a new town and new friends when his favorite video game hero, Ace Lightning, comes to life and enlists his aid in battling the villains who have escaped from the game.

    'Groundbreaking' is hardly the word I'd use. The CGI is good and is integrated fairly well with the live settings and characters, but it's not as if live action has never been blended with animation before this show. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Space Jam? And the show shied away from much interaction between the live characters and CGI ones when they weren't just talking to each other anyway, especially as the first season wore on and the CGI sequences and live sequences became so distant from one another as to almost become different shows. The game characters also usually strike me as one-dimensional cardboard cutouts who were thrown together as quickly as possible. The names show little thought, and they usually only have one personality trait apiece.

    That said, I'm willing to admit Ace Lightning is a better show than I'd originally given it credit for. It teaches good if sometimes standard messages about courage and friendship, sacrifice and the greater good. Random Virus yearns for the companionship of his fellow Lightning Knights but isolates himself because he knows he could end up trying to kill them. Mark wants a normal life and a girlfriend but knows that like it or not, he's involved in the battle between good and evil and can't just walk away when it gets uncomfortable for him. And when he has to fight the villains with no special weapons or superhero back up, his wits serve him even better.

    I cannot in good conscience say this is an amazing show, but I will give it credit for trying to teach good lessons and caring enough to keep them straight.
  • This, by far was one of the worst shows on Tv.

    I remember flicking the channel to ABC and watching the bad acting of that british dude only equalled by the TERRIBLE acting of the slap-stick comedy of his annoying friend...
    Who, consequntly broke his annoying kiddy voice about half-way through the shows airing and changed the show dramatically, however it didnt make it any bettter.
  • A very Brilliant show!

    This show is about a British kid named Mark Holland who plays his favorite game-Ace Lightning. Then lightning strucks his house and causes a power outage. Then suddenly, the characters come out of the game and continue the fight between good and evil-right here on Earth!. This show is very good. The plot is excellent and so is the music. This show is well worth watching.
  • To be honest, I would have preferred to spend my time elsewhere than finish watching this. However, I kept thinking that there is great potential behind this and I was half right.

    To be honest, I would have preferred to spend my time elsewhere than finish watching this. However, I kept thinking that there is great potential behind this and I was half right. There was potential to say the least but this potential was poorly exploited leaving a show that is half decent. Nonetheless, you really have to see Ace Lightning to get what I'm talking about.
  • A superhero of a show!

    I love Ace Lightning! Finally they put a decent show on CBBC! Mark Hollander, a English boy moves to America with his parents. While playing his favourite video game one night, a lightning bolt strikes his house and causes a power outage. But soon Mark's life is turned upside-down when the characters from the game spring to life, continuing the game's story out on Earth. With amazing CGI characters and good storylines, especially in season two, Ace Lightning is one of the best programmes I've ever seen.
  • Show

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do