Ace Lightning - Season 1

BBC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Game Over
    Game Over
    Episode 26
    Ace and the other Knights are slowly losing their energy as Lord Fear has the Amulet. Mark is torn between whether or not helping Ace or going to the school prom. Mark decides to do right and fear not and sneaks into the Carnival of Doom to locate the Amulet while Ace, Sparx and Random battle it out against Lord Fear and his minions. Can Mark find the Amulet before Lord Fear destroys Ace or will it be game over?moreless
  • The Rat Turns
    The Rat Turns
    Episode 25
    The Rat finds the last piece of the amulet and uses it to convince the others to revolt against Lord Fear. Meanwhile Staffface blackmails Lady Illusion into taking the amulet.
  • The Play's the Thing
    Mark and company must improvise a play they're working on when it's crashed by Lord Fear, who thinks tat the Phantom of the Opera makes fun of him.
  • The Biggest Fan
    The Biggest Fan
    Episode 23
    Lord Fear and Googler attack Mark's house in retribution... as they consider themselves under appreciated by the Legion of Fans.
  • The Not So Great Outdoors
    Mark's dad takes the gang of boys camping, but Lord Fear and company decide to crash this all guys night out.
  • The Unlikely Hero
    The Unlikely Hero
    Episode 21
    Chuck gets shot by Ace's lightning blast giving him temporary powers in his foot, so Lord Fear decides to try and take care of him before he can become another lightning knight.
  • Daffy Duff
    Daffy Duff
    Episode 20
    Duff goes to see a shrink to deal with all the abuse he takes from Lord Fear, which allows lots of clips to be shown.
  • Download Disaster
    Download Disaster
    Episode 19
    Without Sparx's help Ace has to strain himself harder and harder to stand up to Lord Fear's ever-strengthening forces. Mark tries to get Random Virus to help Ace, but when Random attacks Mark Ace warns him to stay away from the cyborg. Mark tries to download some new powers into Ace to give him an edge, but his computer crashes and Ace becomes a lifeless statue that is easily captured by the evil gang. At their victory party, Mark shows up with Random Virus. During the fight Lady Illusion kisses Ace and brings him back to normal, and he and Random rout the villains. But Staff saw her doing it, and blackmails her into following his orders.moreless
  • The Last Laugh
    The Last Laugh
    Episode 18
    April Fools Day - Lady Illusion (disguised as Mark) rampages around Cheseborough. At home Mark, the real Mark, is bedridden after coming down with a cold.
  • A Friend in Need
    A Friend in Need
    Episode 17
    Mark's friend, Pete, visits his home and helps cheer Mark up after losing Sparx. Mark becomes envious after Pete quickly begins to make friends with his "gang".
  • Unidentified Flying Superhero
    Sparx is captured on video and becomes a local "hero". Elsewhere, Duff's ice cream truck is towed away.
  • Not Alone at Home
    Not Alone at Home
    Episode 15
    While Lady Illusion keeps Ace and Sparx busy at Thunder Tower, Lord Fear, Dirty Rat and Pigface take the fight to Mark and try to break into his house and take care of him once and for all while he's babysitting his cousin Ashley (the only other person who knows about Ace and the other characters).moreless
  • The Field Trip
    The Field Trip
    Episode 14
    Mark's class go on a trip to a carnival, although he makes Ace promise to stay away. Meanwhile, Sparx is captured by Lord Fear.
  • Ace's Wild
    Ace's Wild
    Episode 13
    Zip and Snip bite Ace and their poison turns him into an obedient zombie. Although contemptuous of Mark before, Sparx has no one else to turn to for help now and gets him to help again. Ace and Lord Fear attack them, but just as Ace is about to fry Mark, his computer releases a cure for Ace, who helps Sparx chase Lord Fear away.moreless
  • Nobody's Hero
    Nobody's Hero
    Episode 12
    Mark's life is hitting rock bottom. His grades are dropping rapidly, his parents ground him, he is having problems with Samantha and Ace accidentally crushes Mr. Cheseborough's car. And worst of all, Ace has found another piece of the Amulet but Anvil is guarding it. Lord Fear starts to stalk Mark and eventually captures him. Ace saves Mark and the new piece of the Amulet summons Sparx from the game. However, Sparx makes fun of Mark and he quits right there. But will Ace and Sparx have smaller chances of winning the war without Mark?moreless
  • Tunnel of Love
    Tunnel of Love
    Episode 11
    Lord Fear's plans to turn random virus evil fail miserably when Mark figures out a way to turn him good again. If only mark wasn't to interested in winning the love of his life...
  • Knights Under Cover
    Knights Under Cover
    Episode 10
    Samantha has taken a job at the carnival and Lord Fear has chosen her as the perfect bait to capture Ace and Mark. Lady Illusion tells Ace of the plan, but it is all part of Lord Fear's plan. Ace and Mark decide to go undercover to keep and eye on Samantha and then take action when Lord Fear strikes, by disusing themselves as a motorcyclist and a girl. Unfortunately, what happens when Wayne starts stalking the disguised Mark, and when Googler returns to attack Sam? Can Mark and Ace defend her without giving their secret away?moreless
  • Once Upon a Hero
    Once Upon a Hero
    Episode 9
    Dirty Rat steals Mark and Fear's amulet pieces and joins them to summon another game character. Since Mark's summons heroes and Fear's summons villains they summon a character who is both, Random Virus, a cyborg with a dual personality. Though intimidated by the power of this new foe, Mark faces him down to recover Chuck's stolen robot from him and Dirty Rat.moreless
  • Behind the Mask
    Behind the Mask
    Episode 8
    It's Halloween and there's a big party at Mark's house! But Chuck might not make it, since thanks to his costume, Pigface thinks he's Ace Lightning!
  • Only Human
    Only Human
    Episode 7
    Fear finds a piece of the Amulet of Zoar and uses it to summon a new villain to serve him, Googler. Googler's killer hand puppets bite Ace and their poison takes away his powers, but when Mark is about to be dropped into a ball pit to be eaten alive by the poisonous puppets, Ace's realization of the true friendship he shares with Mark restores his powers and he saves Mark.moreless
  • Opposite Attraction
    Tired of hanging around with Lord Fear waiting for something to happen, Lady Illusion strikes out on her own, with Lord Fear's piece of the Amulet. Ace captures her and brings her to the Thunder Tower where Mark is. The two fall in love and dance to Mark's music. But what happens when a furious Lord Fear appears and what will happen as Mark has stood Samantha up again?moreless
  • There's No Place Like Home
    Since Mark is in trouble for destroying the appliances (caused by Ace powering up from them) and not allowing Ace to power up from them anymore, Ace is caught between a rock and a hard place when he's low on power and being stalked by Anvil. Mark gets him to an old observatory which contains a transformer that Ace uses to return to full strength and defeat Anvil. He makes the observatory his home, calling it Thunder Tower.moreless
  • Face the Music
    Face the Music
    Episode 4
    After failing to fake having the flu, Mark has to go to school and face the music. Ace agrees to help Mark stop Lady Illusion, but they need a distraction for him to get in. They get that distraction when Chuck vomits in the middle of the school cafeteria after he discovers a pea in his tapioca pudding. Lord Fear sends Pigface to assist Lady Illusion in case things get messy. Can Mark and Chuck escape Lady Illusion and will Ace save them?moreless
  • The Substitute
    The Substitute
    Episode 3
    Lord Fear and his minions kidnap Mark's science teacher, Mr. Chesebrough and hold him prisoner. They replace Mr. Chesebrough with Lady Illusion in disguise. During Lady Illusion's stay at the school, she gives Mark and Chuck a detention for interrupting her class and shorts a desk in half. Mark suspects Lady Illusion is this fake teacher, and fears she will destroy him and Chuck in order to obtain his piece of the Amulet.moreless
  • The Trap Is Set
    The Trap Is Set
    Episode 2
    Ace has been captured and imprisoned by Lord Fear, and his energy is being drained. Mark teams up with a clueless Chuck to rescue Ace. However, soon Samantha becomes part of Lord Fear's plan to destroy Mark and Ace.
  • The Game Begins
    The Game Begins
    Episode 1
    Thirteen-year-old Mark Hollander has just arrived in America from England. That night while he is playing a game, Mark discovers a new level that should not be there, level seven, during a storm lightning strikes his home and power surges into his computer -- bringing the characters to life.