Ace Lightning - Season 2

BBC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • The Master Plan
    The Master Plan
    Episode 13
    Kilobyte is ready to unleash his master plan which is to trap everyone in the game world and the world's only hope for survival is for Lord Fear and Ace Lightning to combine their forces and attack Kilobyte head on. But Lord Fear has a hidden agenda which will spell tragedy for everyone, none more so than Ace Lightning.moreless
  • Kilobyte Bites Back
    Kilobyte Bites Back
    Episode 12
    Rick gets Chuck and Jessica's help to destroy Kilobyte using the school's computer lab, but Kilobyte finds them and stops their plan. Kat is writing a story about the mutants at the carnival for the school newspaper. Kilobyte begins eliminating the Lightning Knights by destroying Random Virus.
  • Putting It Together
    Putting It Together
    Episode 11
    Chuck discovers that Rick created Ace Lightning, that he is the Master Programmer. Rick explains how he created Kilobyte to defeat Ace. He then upgrades Kilobyte so that he is unstoppable, but Kilobyte gains a will of his own!
  • Rotgut Rides Again
    Rotgut Rides Again
    Episode 10
    A series of events puts Mark and Chuck's friendship in jeopardy, as jealousy boils over Mark when Chuck gives the Lightning Knights an upgrade which temporarily makes them invulnerable to harm. Rotgut stalks Chuck and eventually possesses him, turning him into a zombie. Sparx and Ace are both wounded by an upgraded Googler, but have no help from Chuck, so Mark must come to the rescue. Meanwhile, Simon has to stand up to his new boss when he insults his rule over his son, but can both father and son do what has to be done?moreless
  • Choices
    Episode 9
    Mark has a tough choice to decide when Samantha returns for a visit. Should he choose between Samantha or Kat as his girlfriend? Meanwhile, Lady Illusion flees to the Thunder Tower to avoid being destroyed by Lord Fear, but Sparx believes it is all a trick as usual. Lord Fear and Kilobyte capture Ace and Sparx and hold them hostage, waiting for Lady Illusion. Mark must help them, while Kat and Sam have a little heart-to-heart moment. Can Mark save his friends, and will Kat be able to forgive Mark for keeping her a secret from Sam?moreless
  • Formula For Disaster
    After going on a recon mission for Mark to spy on Cheseborough while he delivers another batch of his formula to Lord Fear, Chuck is stalked by Rotgut. Mark takes it into his own hands to stop Rotgut but it incidentally destroys Cheseborough's lab, and Wayne is accused for being the culprit. Ace emotions are getting the better of him which costs him another piece of the Amulet, allowing Lord Fear to summon Pigface back to Earth. Can Mark rekindle his friendship with Chuck and prove Wayne did not commit the crime?moreless
  • Bound To Fail
    Bound To Fail
    Episode 7
    Mark is getting ready for his Driver's Ed. lesson where he must drive a car for a future driving license. Meanwhile, Mr. Cheseborough forms an alliance with Lord Fear after he is told lies about Ace being an evil alien, while Lord Fear is a good alien. Cheseborough creates Formula XYX which will absorb Ace's energy completely, rendering him useless. Kilobyte rewards Lord Fear with a present, a hovering-motorcycle vehicle called the Doom Wagon. What happens on the day Mark takes his driving lesson, and Lord Fear attacks with his new weapons, and will the instructer Mr. DeCutt give Mark a pass?moreless
  • The Search For Sparx
    Chuck continues his search for Sparx and is unexpectedly sucked into the game by the Master Programmer. Meanwhile, Mark and Ace are captured by Kilobyte and held hostage in the junkyard, Anvil and Random Virus guarding them. While Ashley tries to figure out how to get Chuck out of the game, Ace goads himself on how pathetic he truly is. Can Ace pluck up some courage and help defeat Kilobyte, will Random help as well, and can Chuck and Sparx return to Earth?moreless
  • Welcome To The Nightmare
    With Ace know infected with human emotions he is unable to control his rage, and Mark and Chuck must find out what's wrong with him. But they have to leave for a school trip to a Friendship farm. Heather attempts to split up Kat and Mark, and Ace Lightning must face Kilobyte and his new pet Fred. Has Ace Lightning finally met his match?moreless
  • A Secret Life
    A Secret Life
    Episode 4
    Chuck isn't having any luck locating Sparks and things are getting worse as Kilobyte gives Lady Illusion a new power. He plans to use her to infect Ace with human emotions, What will happen to Ace Lighting?
  • Uninvited Guest
    Uninvited Guest
    Episode 3
    Mark plans to invite Kat around for a little time together, but some scheming from bratty Heather turns it into a party which gets Mark into a lot of trouble. Lord Fear receives another Amulet fragment from Lady Illusion and summons Dirty Rat back who is ready to plunder and pillage. Chuck is lured into a trap by Lord Fear, but Ace arrives to help, and he discovers his Ring of Flame upgrade. In the shadows, the Master Programmer's unleashed creation watches, a mysterious man named Kilobyte. But what does he want?moreless
  • The Game's On
    The Game's On
    Episode 2
    Lord Fear's army continues to grow with the addition of Anvil, courtesy of Lady Illusion (disguised as Felicity Fury) finding another piece of the Amulet. Meanwhile, Chuck receives an SOS from Ace who is in the Sixth Dimension with Sparx, stalked by Googler. Chuck manages to release Ace using a microchip he finds in Mark's Amulet piece, but Sparx is still trapped. Chuck and Ace team up to take on Lord Fear, which leads to the school where Kat is playing in a basketball game, but can Mark come to their aid?moreless
  • Upgrades
    Episode 1
    Three months after Lord Fear's demise in the previous series, Mark returns from a holiday in London to find that Ace and Sparx plan to return to the Sixth Dimension and take Random with them. Random, however, doesn't wish to go and when Mark opens a portal to his game, Ace and Sparx are sucked inside, leaving Random and Lady Illusion behind. Mark's troubles worsen when Lord Fear miraculously returns and starts rebuilding his army, with the return of Lady Illusion and a zombie named Rotgut. How can Mark possibly stand a chance now without Ace to help?moreless