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  • new ace of cakes shows

    I love Ace of Cakes programs but i have seen all of them 4 2010 shows. When will show 2011 & 2012 .

    I score ace of cakes between 1 thru 10, meaning that 10 is high. I love the program 10.
  • Graveyard Girl Cake???

    Does anyone know what season and episode they made the "Graveyard Girl" cake on?
  • I watch the show just to see Anna... She is soooo beautiful. The cakes are nice too. They are all very talented. Great concept folks.

    When I first saw the show I thought that it was just another food show. Then I realized that it was a great reality food show as well. This show mixes both styles with a great result. Add in the multi-talented staff and this puts it over the top of most food programs that typically have one to two chefs or in some cases more. Duff has a great staff and I especially love Anna... These folks come up with the most amazing cakes that we will ever see. I am waiting for them to get their website online. Perhaps they will be taking orders?
  • my girlfriend loves your show but we are limited on cash to bye a cake that is off the chain please help out we are trying to get married in a couple of years i can can't fine the best cake out there

    really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show really love the show
  • MMMMMMMMMm cakes....

    Just like the classifaction says... it's how I found it. The cakes are amazing!!!! Everytime I see this show, I still don't believe it. THese cooks are really good. You really want to start some baking courses to be able to do cakes like they do. Duff is really cool and his team are sweet (not a joke :P) I'm always scared when they put their cakes in the truck, i'm like "what if they get a pot hole????" I mean, they have strait roads??? (here in QC, they would freak!!!) One of the best cooking shows ever. Take that Rachel RAY.
  • Who knew a show about cake could be so entertaining? Every time I watch Ace of Cakes I feel like running into my kitchen and whipping up a cake and fondant icing.

    Every cake I buy from the store does not compare to the masterpieces that Duff and his co-workers create in such a short amount of time. For a small price of about $500 you can get your very own, personalized to your liking, designer cake. (Yes I looked at their website). When you see pictures of designer cakes you always wonder, or at least I do, how they make them look so perfect. With this show you can find out how every detail goes into making the perfect cake. My only advice when watching this show, don't watch on an empty stomach, you will become very sad that the cake on screen isn't coming to you!
  • Gotta love this show!

    I really like this show. Hmm where do I start? Well I love how Duff is almost ALWAYS laughing, and his laugh is soo funny. I think the reason why he's laughig is because of how things turned out for him and 'Charm city Cakes'. I mean I highly doubt that he and his team ever thought that they would be this popular... let alone have their own tv show! And last but certainly not least!: GEOF! He's my favorite! I like how something totally wrong could be going on, and he's still really relaxed. He could be saying, "I think I missed my turn," and be perfectly calm, very hilarious the things he says! haha I love this show.
  • It's never been this fun to watch cake being made!

    Food Network finally has a show worth watching for more then five minutes at a time. Duff and his team make cake decorating look like never before. With wacky themes and excellent craftsmanship. This show is truly an original. It's a half hour of amusement, art, and cake! You get to take a look into the wonderful world of Charm City Cakes, located in Baltimore Maryland. Duff and his friends work together to create unique and off the wall cakes. From a tank that has sparklers inside, to a nice classical wedding cake. There is something for everyone in the family in this show. Whether you just like cake. or want something new and interesting to watch. This is the show for you.
  • Duff and his team have indeed shown us that cake decorating is very hard, but in the end that hard work pays off. With doing cakes for both the Hairspray and Harry Potter 5 preimere you know that the cakes have to be the best and only the best!

    Duff combines mechanical with cake and he gets the best cakes in the world!! Never say that his cakes are bad like a reviewer did for one of the papers. Duff was bad about it!
    No matter what size or shape or even theme Duff can do it. I love this show so much that I am ranking it with a BIG 10!!!!!!!! Keep on rocking with those cakes DUFF! For future cakes masters keep on doing what you do Best and never give up because you never know you can be the next DUFF!

    It only becomes fun when you know that you put your heart and soul into it. Now that's happiness.
  • Duff likes to make cakes that are more than to eat! I love it!

    Duff Goldman and his crew make the most neastest cakes availabe. They replicate buildings, stadiums, childhood, and make things go boom and bam. It's nothing for one of Duff's cakes to be animated. Fireworks have been known to erupt from one of his cakes. He makes cakes out of styrofoam with lots of fondue. He makes cakes out of cakes with lots of buttercream icing. There have been cake cars! Duff Goldman never ceases to surprise what he is doing at any given time in his shop. I have priced his cakes online. Not too shabby. He will deliver but only to a small area around Baltimore.
  • they make bad ass cakes!!!!!

    this show is really good!! they are all funny and amazing artist that do something that they love and we love them for. i dad never seen something that great in till i saw this show.they do what people what and they fallow what people like. some how they always finish on time for the party's. they deliver anywhere.they always have fun and do studied things that we can have fun washing and thats way we love them. everyone should see this show is funny,creative,expressive,and fun to watch. there is nothing better them seeing them doing something cool and fun. watch it!!!!
  • I don't watch much of the Food Channel I really am a movie buff, but I love your show. I just have one question and that is how good are the cakes??? I think you have beautiful cakes (Just interested in knowing. Linda Hebert ljhebert@sbcgl

    Great show!!! Love they presentation and who you show what you are doing to make the cake a success. Just wondering how good the cakes taste. Never see any one eating them. please keep up the great work. I really hardly ever watch the food channel except for your show. Would like to see a few more wedding cakes but then I guess you don't do many of them from what I can see. Hope you do more shows!!! Love the humor and fun you all have together. What is the price range of your cakes?? Linda Hebert
    Groves, Texas
  • Is Charmed City Cakes Hiring?

    Ace of Cakes is Great! I joined this show late-but have finally caught up. Duff and the gang-seem to really care about each other and of course the business-and the cakes the make for their clients. The crew at Ace of Cakes-are very creative and talented and that is shown thru the cakes. Each episode-shows-new ideas, better cakes and happy clients. One of the best aspects of the show-is that Duff gives credit to his workers. Unlike other reality shows, Duff doesn't seem to become conceded or arrogant. If I could go back and pick a place to work, it would be Charmed City Cakes
  • an amazing cake shop in maryland puts its life on television. see the most creative cakes built from start to finish and try not to drool as you do it........................................................................................................

    I think this show is great. All of the employees seem to have the best personalities and make awesome TV, if you like cake atleast. The last episode was the best, for Clutch is my favorite band and I was at the 9:30 club the night that the cake was given to the club. To see the cake up close and know that I was part of Clutch history with the Ace of Cakes makes my day! My favorite band with my favorite bakery, amazing! To sum it all up the show's always fantastic and theit cakes make my week!
  • great show...

    Ace of Cakes is a show about making wacky cakes for people. The leader is Duff, (I think, I don't quite remember right now), and he is just silly. It's very entertaining and funny to watch him on screen. His team is very talented and they can turn out amazing cakes. THe show is not just about making cakes, but it's about the people who make it, the people they're made for, and how the people who make it get it to the people they made it for. Ya, well, anyways, very entertaining food network show and it's one of my favorites right now.
  • Greatest show About cake ever.

    I think that it is the one of the best shows on the Food Network. It shows how hard it is to make a really awsome cake. While your watching it your like oh my gosh that cake is beautiful, and I want that cake so bad. Duff makes the show funny. He does all this crazy stuff. He'll dress up to make cakes and I love it. It rocks and I will continue watching it every week.
  • Well..

    its not horrible, and its not too great either. I mean when you watch this it looks fun to make cakes like these. But when you watch the show, it starts to drag on and becomes repetetive and boring. His cakes... to tell you the truth, are honestly not that amazing. Id really like to see a show with the more highly skilled cake makers and decorators (you know, those fantastic speciality cakes that cost like hundreds to thousands of dollars). Then I'd be interested.
  • It's.....ALRIGHT.

    Ace of Cakes is a reality show based on the dream life Duff Goldman feels he was destined to do. I caught one of the episodes yesterday. I love the cakes and how they are designed. However, it's missing something that I can't quite put my finger on. The show is a tad boring. Three's not enough humor for me. Really, if this show had some type of humor everyone now and then, it would be excellent. None the less, the drama can SOMETIMES be there. However, with the lack of random humor, I feel that the drama is sort of bland and fake. Ace of Cakes is a decent show when it comes to the content and plot, but a fuse or two really needs to be fixed for it to last.
  • Ace of Cakes is amazing...if you love cake, and who doesn't love wonderful cake, piled high with buttercream icing!!! Throw in some metal, power tools, some rock-and-roll and you have an exciting show.

    You have got to watch Ace of Cakes! After one show, I was hooked! Duff and his friends are full of life and laughter. Their techniques are one-of-a-kind. He's the first baker that I ever saw who can weld and use power tools daily in his cake designs. Even though they are under lots of stress, you can't tell it, because they have so much fun making the cakes. I have never seen such amazing cake designs. "YOU ROCK" ACE OF CAKES!!! charmingasusual