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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

CBS (ended 2000)


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Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Fan Reviews (10)

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  • watch Ace Ventura: Pet Detective full movie


    I am sure everyone will agree when I say this movie is a very good movie,

    I've watched this movie twice in


    I even had to download it there. you will regret it if you do not watch this movie

  • i never seen it

    i saw the movie but not the show and i want to see it again. tv now is not the best. the cartoon in back in days are good. the only i seen is the movie and i like number two more then first one because number is like the show where he helps animals or like them. jim carrey is so funny in those when i saw a kid. i just want to see this show to return back on tv. i seen the movie now i want to see the series of it and how good is it. i love the 90's
  • this is about a guy who helps annimals

    I havent actually seen the show but i have seen the movies with jim carry those are really cool though especially the first one where he is tring to save the miami dolphines dolphin mascot snowflake in the second one he is tring to save a bat that is sacred to a tribe in africa he is a completely hilariious person i am not sure if he is as funny in the show as in the movies but since the show didn't last very long so might not be as funny or it was one of those movies that was good but, was cancelled anyway.
  • Movie spin-off

    These shows were created around when Jim Carrey\'s carer was taking off and were based on what were probably his biggest movies, or at least the ones he was best known for. I never could get into this show, and I think it was because it had to do with the character design. I would think about the movie and then I would watch the show and look at how the character was designed. Something just always bothered me. And this thing that kept bothering me kept distracting me from the actual show itself.
  • Spinoff from the hilarous movies, but was it good? Read on...

    Okay, it was a show with a lot of potential! It had the funnyness, and randomness to do so, but it didn't follow through long enough. It ended up lacking. The voices were good and reminded me of the real movies, and the animation wasthat of all early to mid 90s cartoons. The plots were ridiculous and fun. the bright colors and strange antics of Ace were pretty darn funny. Just something seemed amiss though,and I still cannot put my finger on it. Maybe it was the time it tried to come out, who knows. It's a funny show you should give a try.
  • A show that was hilarious & should be back on the air.

    Ace Ventura kicks ***. This show is so cool, if it was on 24-7-365, i'd stay up to watch it. I would be nice to see it again on T.V., like a marathon of the entire series. Ace Ventura was one of the best detective shows on the air. Bring it back PLEASE.
  • Ace Ventura: Pet Detective really shows a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the dramatic opening which pulled in until the very end, simply fades out at the end. It's unfortunate but that's a big problem with many shows on tv today.

    Ace Ventura: Pet Detective really shows a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the dramatic opening which pulled in until the very end, simply fades out at the end. It's unfortunate but that's a big problem with many shows on tv today. Great start to pull everyone in but botches it up at the end.
  • Good show.

    This series was great, and there was nothing wrong with it.

    The only thing I have to say about it is the fact that Jim didn't come back as Ace. I feel that he should be in the cartoon.

    Good show, and it was a nice little spin off fron the movies.
  • Okay cartoon show based on the movies.

    I'm guessing that everybody knows the story of this movie by now, but for those who might not have had the opportunity to see this great movie, it's quite a simple formula. The Miami Dolphins mascot is stolen and by word-of-mouth advertising Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) is called into manic action. His job is to find the dolphin and return it before The Miami Dolphins' crucial game.

    Jim Carrey is quite simply amazing, I never stopped laughing the whole way through the movie. This is surely Carrey's best work, even now. OK, Dumb and Dumber and The Mask are very funny movies too, but this takes the biscuit. Everything Ace does made me laugh, from whipping football player's with a towel to get a ring imprint to showing up at a mansion party and being his usual manic self.

    100 laughs per hour, if you have a sense of humour, then this movie is for you!!
  • this show was good, just the first season that wasnt that amazing thing. . .

    this show is underappreciated, people who see it, thinks that would be boring, but it isnt, it's funny, the villians were really originals ideas, and the episodes too. The animation were based on the movies, and it doesnt mean that should follow it step by step, but some main characters/characteristics were keeped. . .

    The 1st season wasnt that good, but the episodes that came after that, were real fabulous.
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