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Nickelodeon (ended 2002)


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Action League Now!!!

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The Action League is a group of crime fighting, danger loving, but bumbling action figures: The Chief, Meltman, ThunderGirl, The Flesh, and Stinky Diver. Their world is that of suburbia, transformed by a kid's imagination into a land of adventure. Everyone has wondered who the smallest super heroes were, well they're The Action League. The Action League mainly stop the evil Mayor from trying to take over the World! The Mayor and The Action League will do anything to destroy each other, and won't stop at any cost. Watch the show, enjoy the action! Action League Now!!! was first a short on Nickelodeon's variety show, Kablam! After a Kablam! episode titled, "The Ka-Blammy Awards" was produced, Action League Now!!!: The Series began. Action League Now!!! brings the action into your home! Character Guide The Flesh - The Flesh is a naked-man who tends to be very strong. He is also know as the "nude dude". The Flesh wished that one day he would become a super hero, and he did. He usually gets in the way a lot when The Action League are trying to save the day. He still fits perfectly with this crew. His main quote is, "Ouchies". The Flesh's favorite food is bacon and rice. His super power is super strength. ThunderGirl - ThunderGirl is another member of The Action League. She has the power to fly and use electrical attacks. ThunderGirl is usually seen flying around the city trying to find The Mayor. She uses her electrical powers very often. Meltman has a crush on ThunderGirl and usually says it right to her and she whacks him in the face. Stinky Diver - Stinky Diver is the French super hero, who is always in his toilet. He uses a spear to attack his foes. He loves his money a whole lot and will not let anything happen to it. He is usually found next to Meltman, one of his better friends who he can trust. Stinky Diver's strength is swimming in toilets. Meltman - Meltman has the power to melt. He happens to be the most pathetic member of The Action League. Melty hangs out with everyone in the gang especially his love, ThunderGirl. ThunderGirl hates Meltman but he doesn't seem to care. Meltman is very unhelpful, and he only helped out once in an episode. Justice - Justice is The Chief's loyal canine and probably the smartest one in the Action League. Justice is very nice to everyone in the Action League. He is probably the nicest, bravest and happiest member of the Action League. Justice appears in episodes very often and you will recognize him right away, too. The Chief - The Chief hired The Action League to fight evil in the first place. He is very commanding and will not let evil win. The Chief is in every episode of Action League Now!!! and he even is the main character in the episode, "Fatter". Without The Chief, The Action League would be nothing. The Mayor's main quote is, "Blast It!" when the Action League mess up. Bill the Lab Guy - Bill the Lab Guy tries to help The Action League by testing experiments and checking if The Action League has a disease. His main quote is, "I see no connection". Bill the Lab Guy tends to become very annoying to The Action League and viewers. Don't let him upset you because in one episode his observations are correct. The Mayor - The Mayor is the evil villain in Action League Now!!!. He may be the mayor of a town but he wants to take over the world! The Mayor always tries to get the Action League in danger like getting their heads chopped off in a fan. The Mayor is probably the smartest out of anyone in the whole show, and he's the one who tends to be evil.

Chris Winters

Chris Winters


Jim Krenn

Jim Krenn

The Flesh / Stinky Diver / The Mayor

Scott Paulsen

Scott Paulsen

Meltman / Bill the Lab Guy

Victor Hart

Victor Hart

The Cheif

Alyssa Grahm

Alyssa Grahm


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  • I Want to do this kind of animation

    Various ep (02)
  • Before Robot Chicken, there was Action League Now!!!

    Action League Now!!! was once a short on Kablam, but it got it's own show after being chosen. The show follows the adventures of 5 superheroes who try to save the world from evil doers. The show stars The Flesh. He's super strong, and super naked, and super funny as well. Flesh comes off as the dumbest member, but he is so funny and hilarious with lines like "ouchies". Thunder Girl, she flies like Thunder. She is the most intelligent of the group, but is still a klutz. Stinky Diver, a former Navy commando with an attitude as bad as his odor. He speaks a foreign accent and is funny as well. And Meltman, with the power to um, melt. He is the least respected member of the group, but he is still funny. All of them are commanded by the Chief to go save the world. The Chief makes funny analogies and is over the top. There is also Bill the Science Guy, who is probably a parody of Bill Nye the Science Guy. He always says that there is nothing he can do and is funny. The League mainly faces his dishonor, The Mayor, who wants to take over the world and always makes smart remarks that are funny and says his famous "uh oh, here's trouble". The other is Hodge Podge, a former accountant who was mutilated and rebuit as a mutant. He is pretty funny, but not that much. There are also other villains as well, but there are too many of them to name. The show is shot in live action and the characters are action figures. The animation these characters have are well and are either motion stop pictures spliced together or puppet works and they are all excellent. The stories are great and are creative. There is a well balance to when the villains appear in each episode. The narrator is also great, and he always does a great job with telling the story. If it weren't for this show, I am sure that Robot Chicken would never have existed at all, so this show deserves a lot of credit. This show broke ground for Robot Chicken and it should be brought back along with Kablam! ASAP. This is a excellent TV show that sure to make you laugh every time.moreless
  • The only show where you can play with dolls.

    I love ALN. It's the only show where you can actually play with dolls and not feel ashamed by it. Nowadays you play with video games and computers, where are the Barbie dolls? Lost in the trash...Thundergirl is with them, whining about her predicament with Stinky Diver, the Mayor, and everyone else in whatever backyard the show is set in. Sad, it was a hilarious show, and I couldn't start my day without these guys. Whoever stopped this show is probably all grown up and shredding his toys now. What monster would shred his toys? The guys who stopped this creative masterpiece.moreless
  • A waste of time! Why did I bother watching this? A show like this has no meaning to it, and is just a total waste of time. You not only get nothing out of it but....what do you expect from an episode that has a bunch of worthless toys? Hmm?moreless

    What kind of a show is this?? I mean...everytime something good happens, at the end, they mess up again and then say \"The end\". A show like this is a total waste of time. And it\'s not funny either! Waste of time! You get nothing out of it either! :(
  • If ya'll wanna see a show that uses action figures as people and is actually funny, watch Robot Chicken.

    Action League Now is a show that is overhyped, overpraised and overrated. Let's meet the characters of this obnoxious show whose creators must have been on acid to try and make a show like this.

    Flesh- Seriously, they need to have censor bars on this guy. How come he dosen't creep out the viewers by wearing no type of clothing? (at least Donkey Kong wears a tie)

    Thundergirl- If you want some one who flies into any type of fan, call this girl.

    Stinky Diver- A man who lives in a toilet. Good Job Creators (Sarcasm)

    Meltman- Very unhelpful+ very useless + worthless powers= You do the math, melt-bag

    Chief- He probably wishes he never got high when he was picking this team to save the town.

    This show had a lot of followers sayin' bring it back, but I believe that it was cancelled for its own good.moreless

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