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  • A very silly but imaginitive show that brings plenty of laughs

    You've got a team of (more or less rejected/inept) superheroes who either can't seem to save the day or somehow end up causing more trouble to begin with despite their well meaning antics. They live and 'save the day' in home with a variety of toys and without the residents in sight. A spin off of KaBlam.

    The team consists of the Flesh who is super strong, naked, and stupid, Thundergirl who flies like thunder and forgets that she doesn't have super strength, Stinky Diver a former navy commando with an attitude as bad as his odor, Meltman with the power to... melt (and he's never really seen using it because it must be useless/unneeded), the Chief who is their leader, and the Chiefs dog Justice (who seems to be the smartest of the group). Their main ally is Bill the Science guy (an obvious parody of Bill Nye the Science Guy) who seems to have mastered numerous sciences like medicine, ecology, biology, physics, chemistry, and astronomy. He often delivers news and missions to the Action League and provides gadgets and advice. He has saved them numerous times and is clearly more competent than they are. He also seems to be well connected with the government, the military, and more.

    Their man antagonist is the dishonor the Mayor who is always trying to bump off the league or misuse his power despite his ineptness and a few others like the giant baby doll, Hodge Podge, and Smarty Pants.
  • This show is the best!

    Except it's a ripoff of KaBlam.
  • I Want to do this kind of animation

    Various ep (02)
  • Before Robot Chicken, there was Action League Now!!!

    Action League Now!!! was once a short on Kablam, but it got it's own show after being chosen. The show follows the adventures of 5 superheroes who try to save the world from evil doers. The show stars The Flesh. He's super strong, and super naked, and super funny as well. Flesh comes off as the dumbest member, but he is so funny and hilarious with lines like "ouchies". Thunder Girl, she flies like Thunder. She is the most intelligent of the group, but is still a klutz. Stinky Diver, a former Navy commando with an attitude as bad as his odor. He speaks a foreign accent and is funny as well. And Meltman, with the power to um, melt. He is the least respected member of the group, but he is still funny. All of them are commanded by the Chief to go save the world. The Chief makes funny analogies and is over the top. There is also Bill the Science Guy, who is probably a parody of Bill Nye the Science Guy. He always says that there is nothing he can do and is funny. The League mainly faces his dishonor, The Mayor, who wants to take over the world and always makes smart remarks that are funny and says his famous "uh oh, here's trouble". The other is Hodge Podge, a former accountant who was mutilated and rebuit as a mutant. He is pretty funny, but not that much. There are also other villains as well, but there are too many of them to name. The show is shot in live action and the characters are action figures. The animation these characters have are well and are either motion stop pictures spliced together or puppet works and they are all excellent. The stories are great and are creative. There is a well balance to when the villains appear in each episode. The narrator is also great, and he always does a great job with telling the story. If it weren't for this show, I am sure that Robot Chicken would never have existed at all, so this show deserves a lot of credit. This show broke ground for Robot Chicken and it should be brought back along with Kablam! ASAP. This is a excellent TV show that sure to make you laugh every time.
  • The only show where you can play with dolls.

    I love ALN. It's the only show where you can actually play with dolls and not feel ashamed by it. Nowadays you play with video games and computers, where are the Barbie dolls? Lost in the trash...Thundergirl is with them, whining about her predicament with Stinky Diver, the Mayor, and everyone else in whatever backyard the show is set in. Sad, it was a hilarious show, and I couldn't start my day without these guys. Whoever stopped this show is probably all grown up and shredding his toys now. What monster would shred his toys? The guys who stopped this creative masterpiece.
  • A waste of time! Why did I bother watching this? A show like this has no meaning to it, and is just a total waste of time. You not only get nothing out of it but....what do you expect from an episode that has a bunch of worthless toys? Hmm?

    What kind of a show is this?? I mean...everytime something good happens, at the end, they mess up again and then say \"The end\". A show like this is a total waste of time. And it\'s not funny either! Waste of time! You get nothing out of it either! :(
  • If ya'll wanna see a show that uses action figures as people and is actually funny, watch Robot Chicken.

    Action League Now is a show that is overhyped, overpraised and overrated. Let's meet the characters of this obnoxious show whose creators must have been on acid to try and make a show like this.

    Flesh- Seriously, they need to have censor bars on this guy. How come he dosen't creep out the viewers by wearing no type of clothing? (at least Donkey Kong wears a tie)

    Thundergirl- If you want some one who flies into any type of fan, call this girl.

    Stinky Diver- A man who lives in a toilet. Good Job Creators (Sarcasm)

    Meltman- Very unhelpful+ very useless + worthless powers= You do the math, melt-bag

    Chief- He probably wishes he never got high when he was picking this team to save the town.

    This show had a lot of followers sayin' bring it back, but I believe that it was cancelled for its own good.
  • Action figures live and talk and act dumb. nuff said.

    I never got this show. I can understand ow a small amount of people are gonna like it, but well.... either you love it and tevo it all the time or you hate it and you record it to show your kids what happens when they get drunk so you can scare them.... hmm.... I acctually kinda like that idea. I need to take note of that. Anyway. It did have a few small laughs. I think i am being generous by giving it it's 3 out of ten their. So I am glad that this show is over. nuff said

    LOL this series was terrible im glad they cancelled this show first ACTION FIGURES TALKING? and they act totally stupid everytime i saw this series on Nickolodean when i was younger and when i was changing the channel when i was super bored and i just happen to change it to nickolodean and they were showing this show i felted like breaking my TV and throwing it out of the window this series is just a show that SUCKED!

    the character is so annoying and the show is like a copy of the show mr meaty i would never buy this crap on DvD i dont even think they would make it
  • one of the best CLASSIC nick shows! u cant get any better then this!

    this is when nick WAS GOOD
    and didnt have crap show on
    truejack vip!
    take that crap off of tv!

    come on nick bring back the real shows!!

    on with my review! this is the real and true stop motion!
    robot chicken is good this is better!
    naked man-heman
    stink diver-gi joe
    melt man-a melted gijoe
    thrunder girl-some barbie

    this was the best show and glad they put it back on! nick hasnt been the same!
    all hail nicktoon network! for showin real classic nick shows

    i remeber watching this every saturday night!
    back when nick had SNICK!
    u had
    the real all that
    kennan and kel
    are you afriad of the dark
    and this as part of kablam!
    i miss the saturday nights when it was good!
    plus you had doug!
    ahhhhhh real monsters!
    hey aronld!

    the end!
  • Just couldn't start my day without the Action League NOW!

    Action League was one of the most original shows in the mid and late 90s. Combining live action and stop motion is what makes this show amazing! Using action figures and dolls couldn't be more easy to produce one episode! The series appears to cost barley any money since all they need to get is action figures and dolls. The animation industry needs to look back at this show and see how original this stuff was when we were younger. Cartoons today are not what they used to be today. The Action League! They're Plastic! They're Spastic! They're Fanastic! Miss this show
  • Now that's what I call classic.

    This show is very good.The idea of having toys move is like the idea for that awesome Robot Chicken show.Except that they don't even move their legs or mouths or eyes because they don't even move.The Flush is kind of cool,Thunder Girl is fine to me,Stinky Diaper has a tight outfit and Meltman is kind of cool to me.Some of the characters are very cool to me and they did a good job of making those toys.I grade this show a B because it was fine,but not one of my favorites.It's kind of cool to me with those stylish toys.
  • its when toys get there own show

    i love this show its about 4 toy superheros the flesh hes super strong and super naked thunder girl she flys like thunder stinky diver a former navy commando with an aditude as bad as his oder and meltman with the power to........MELT this is such an awsome show i like it when they are driveing the car the they are singing a random baby song then fall of a cliff or get crushed by a random car my favorite person is meltman with the power to melt he has a great sense of humer a great fake american acsent this is such an awsome show and that covers it all up bye.
  • Still fun after so many years

    Action League Now!!!,
    Was a short on Kablam! but got it's own show. The had the following characters Meltman, ThunderGirl, The Flesh, Stinky Diver, The Mayor, The Cheif(also with a science guy and a dog.) The shows goes alonw with action figures that are alive that fight ,sorta, around were the live. Meltman who can melt, thundergirl who can fly, the flesh who is strong and the TSD who i dont know what he does. The usual antagonist is the mayor. I elected offical who is out to take over the world and bring bad luck to the league. And the chief is usually the one who gets hurt. Its a fun show to watch knowing ur bout to always get a laught out of it,
  • It wasn't one of my favorites, but it was still good

    This was definitely funny, if the creator of the show had laughs in mind for the audience, I'd say that it definitly worked. However it wasn't one of my favorites, I thought it was somewhat crude, yet I can honestly admit that some of the stunts had me laughing my head off. I did enjoy seeing the dolls do weird things, such as melting and trying to fly. I think that if you were to ever watch the show, you would like it, of course I also believe that it shouldn't be seen by some kids under a certain age. See it and laugh, that's what I say
  • I don't what about this show, but I just can't say I don't like it.

    I used to watch this show and think it was great. I mean I remember these characters to date, that's how influencial they were. Well, let's begin. I honestly still think this show is pretty funny based on it's ridiculosity. It was just that kind of show that made you go, "Wow, that's pretty stupid," but you would laugh anyway. This is a definate classic in my book, although the show itself bombed. However, the short on Oh! Yeah cartoons is what I really remember it by so... anyways I liked it when I was a kid and still like it a little, but it's a little bit too ridiculous and low budget for me so I don't really appreciate it as much as I used to. 65/100
  • ...Now, that was crazy!

    I saw this at 3:00 at night, and, it was werid. Yet. . .crazy. Now all thse action figures were crazy. Nude man, Fly girl, Melt guy, The diver that stinks, The chief that gets destroyed alot (That's what's best about this show XD) and, The chief that gets destroyed alot's dog. I know I missplace their names and, I did it on purpouse. If you like crazy things and, Chiefs that get destroyed alot. I recomend this show. And, if your parents think your watching an adult show, tell them it was on Nick. Nick always get out kid shows under TV-Y7.
  • loved this show when i was a kid! i thought it was awesome! nd thunder girl really set a good example for being the only girl on the show nd she kicke...butt! def. a good idea for a kids show..if they brought it back i'd probly watch it.the good old days!

    i loved this show when it first came out! fact me nd my friend were talking about this show just the other day! if they brought it back i would def. watch it! but i think thats more of "just to bring back memories" then me actually liking it. if they kept it around i think i'd be sick of it by now..but im not so its ok! me nd my friends talk about all the shows we used to love when we were kids nd they got cancelled nd this show WAS one of the ones brought up in the conversation...=D
  • Action League NOW!!!: Great Show

    Action League Now! is a television series that was originally part of All That and KaBlam! on Nickelodeon, and was later spun off into its own show. It is made using "Chuckimation" (a combination of stop-frame animation and live-action shots where things are simply thrown or dropped on frame). The series follows the adventures of a superhero league, composed of various action figures, toys, and dolls. The show was created by Tim Hill.

    All the characters on the shorts were voiced by personalities from radio station WDVE in Pittsburgh.

    In one episode, after hearing a song that, when played backwards tells the listener to hate the Action League, everyone in town is zombified and attacks the league. They are later brought back to normal by Lou Rawls.
  • This was a messed up show.

    This show was mad badly and it was real bad, but it was funny 1/3 of the time. It had bad characters, bad stories, and bad lines. This show just gave you the feeling that some high school or college students just got bored one day and decided to play with some action figures they had as a kid or took their brother or sister's toys, tape it, and make millions. WRONG!!!! It was funny sometimes but not funny enough. Obviously, because it is not on the air anymore, just only for reruns. Not that many. It was just cute and funny once in a great while. But it still kinda sucked. I wouldn't tell anyone they should at least see it once because it might be one of the bad episodes. Watch it on your own reasons, not cause someone told you too.
  • This is a great show. I don't know where to start. A show this great deserves it's own channel. Excellent characters, episodes, what else can any viewer ask for? Wow!

    This is a fantastic show to watch, and I had to make that statement more clearly to other people so I remade my review on this excellent show. This is without any doubt the best show in the universe. The creators behind this fantastically great show are the smartest people on Earth. I love this show, as you cam see, and I wouldn't be surprised if I was the number one fan in the world. I grew up with show, and I ca never get enough of it then. The Flesh is very funny, with his catch lines and clumsy mishaps. Thunder Girl is also very funny and always has to put up with the likes of her fellow comrades. Stinky Diver is a sarcastic Englishman who makes you laughs so hard; it knocks your flippers off. Meltman is a big favorite among many fans of this show, but where should I start, well, he can melt, and that's pretty much it. The adventures that theses fours super heroes go through are unbelievable and the plots of them are amazingly funny to watch. The Chief, who is a very stubborn man that just hates the Action League to no end, runs the Action League. The Action League doesn't mind though, and why would they. The League has to put up with villains too, which is basically the idea to nearly all the episodes in the series itself. The most well known bad guy is the Mayor. The Mayor is the very bad guy who is always trying to stop the league from doing something, or creating something bad and using it against the league. The Mayor has a brilliant voice that makes you laugh with nearly every line that comes out of his mouth. The league always has to put up with the Mayor, but there are also other villains that the league is not too happy about. There is Big Baby, which actually isn't too bad, but what does he know, he's only a huge plastic doll. Then there’s Smarty Pants who is not very well known but he was a problem at the time. The there is yet another big villain that the league is always confronted by, by the name of Hodgepodge. Hodgepodge was at first the Action League accountant, but with a terrible blender accident, he became deformed when Bill the Lab Guy was trying to repair his body back to his normal form. Which leads me to Bill the Lab Guy, which is a very odd monotone lab man, that is always there for the league, but is never able to help is anyway what so ever. Bill has a daughter Quarkey who is a good amount of episodes, but is not well known. Quarkey is a pretty big doll, which is in a way, smarter than her father. The league always gets into weird messes that never seem to get cleaned up. Like the times they were stuck in a turkey, or a vacuum, or when a fish attacked a backyard pool. Somehow the league wins, mainly because the thing they try to defeat blows up some way or another. In many of these episodes a car or truck will come driving down the street at a high speed. It just so happens there is always a character, or a villain also in the street. The action league show also has many real life animals such as Spotzilla, a guinea pig with a flesh eating virus, Stinky's friend Smelly, and other crazy animals that are fortunate enough to be part a history in the making with this excellent show. This animals are never hurt, which is a good thing, but whether it be like in Spotzilla's case everyone was eaten, or in the guinea pig's episodes where everyone fall apart, or in Smelly's episode where Stinky got run over, of course, by a car. This is such a great show packed with excellent episodes that I don't know where to stop. I personally feel that this is an excellent show that never deserved to be put off the air. Luckily many episodes were made since the show Kablam’s wonderful people adopted the show. This show first appears in a 90's movie called "Good Burger" with the episode Rock-a-Big-Baby, which stared not only the huge Big Baby, but also the rock band Kiss. Then this show was a short in an episode of All That. After that this show went off to the best thing that ever happened to it, Kablam! Kablam took this cartoon and made sure that the Action League was in every single episode of the show. After Kablam went off the air, the Action League took their old episodes from Kablam and packed four of them into a half an hour show entitled Action League which also involved an Ask the League segment where random kids ask odd questions of the league, which was funny. There was also a trivia part of the show where a question were to be asked and then the answer would be revealed towards the end of that same episode. This show didn't last too long, but then Nicktoons started airing Kablam and Action League reruns, which was a wonderful thing to happen. The Action League and Kablam were the both cancelled, but I really hope they will return. I hope my wish comes true. The Action Leugue, Now and Forever!!!!!!!!!!
  • Very funny show!Wierd,action figure violence RULES!

    Ah, I remember this show, I always used to watch KABLAM! for this and Promethious and Bob. It was always original, and weirdly enough, I remember how they had guest stars, well, sort of. A couple to list off the top of my head are football\'s star quarterback, Bret Farve and the band Kiss. For some reason, I remember how I think atleast on of them got hit by a car, dropped into a blender, or some other wierd thing like that. Too bad this show was cancelled very early, but I do still catch it every once and a while on the Nicktoons channel on cable.
  • This show with it's bumbling characters is my cup of tea.

    This show is one of the most funny shows on Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon has all dumb shows today their old cartoons like this are so much funnier. The charcters are all dimwitted and have pretty pathetic powers. Thundergirl "she flies like thunder" LOL. This show probaly kept KaBlam from going off the air right away, other than the Premious and Bob show. The league tries to save people when they make a bigger destruction if it's crashing their monster truck car or getting flushed down a toilet. This show is so funny I had to buy the action figures off Ebay to help me remeber those days. Nickelodeon give up with your dumb shows and bring back a funny one!
  • Action figures fight villians mostly hurting themselves in the process.

    This was a really funny show that was original although at times not for very young children. Some of the ways the Action League heroes were injured could have scared smaller children who dont grasp the imaginary aspect. All in all though it was a good show that had me laughing at the stupidity of the characters actions.
  • Very misunderstood show

    It's been a while since I watched this show and since there is little to this body of work, it's hard to review. I remember really enjoying the humor. From what I remember of the flavor this show could have been a precursor to Harvey Birdman. I hope some day it gets collected.
  • A show about 5 super heros try to stop an evil mayor from taking over the world.

    It was a verry good show wile it lasted, but other than that, i loved it. I feel that meltman played a good roll in this show but the characters were all getting smashed lol. that as the funny part but the stop frame gave away all the secrets.

    Thumbs up
  • it is sooo underrated

    i miss this show. between it's jokes and hilariouse animation. i don't think it lasted as long as it should of sadly. i hope it would be a DVD set but i really doubt that. i think the creaters were pure genious. sure it wasnt the best show in the 90s but it still was funny!
    meltman rocks
  • The Funniest Show on Nickelodeon!

    When I first saw Action League Now, I did not care for it that much. Now, I am seeing how funny ALN is! On thursday, saturday, and sunday, I tune in to Comcast channel 225, Nicktoons TV, to watch this funny show. My favorite character on ALN is the Flesh. He makes me dire laughing with his funny catchphrases like "Ouchies!," "Whoopsies!," "Gollers!," and "Funsies!." He has the perfect dumb guy voice, bland and full of humor. The Flesh is an idiot, Thundergirl(although she is supposed to be the smartest character of the four but she isn't), Meltman should just go and die someplace, and Stinky should learn to bathe every so often. My brother the voice of the villain, His Dishonor, The Mayor, exellent!
  • Very funny! and Agree with mine while ya at it=)

    ACTION LEAGUE NOW!!!! is very funny and cool. Its like robot chicken but R.C. is funnier. But still the naked guy is very funny and stupid=) I like the mayor he's the funniest of them all he always getting broken and ruined. It's very funny and a parody of toys. ACTION LEAGUE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I miss this show...

    Nick had some pretty good shows back in the day. This was one of them. My friends and I were all sad to see it go especially with the new stuff Nick has. All That isn't all that great anymore either. Poor Nick, losing its touch. Oh well, I can always watch the old shows on Noggin if I am lucky.
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