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Action Man

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World-class extreme-sports athlete Alex Mann possesses a unique ability known as the AMP (Advanced Macro Probability) Factor, enabling him to instantly analyze a dangerous situation and take the best possible course of action. The evil Dr. X seeks to exploit this ability to help him take over the world. Early in the series, Alex meets his former coach, learns that he was responsible for giving him the AMP Factor, and agrees to join forces in stopping Dr. X's plans. Fox never aired the last few big finale and revelation episodes.
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  • Wow, long time no see :D

    I used to ADORE this show, when I was a teen, now, however, when thinking in retrospect, I think start to rethink some details.

    Of cource, the show is no doubt exciting and action-packed, haw a catchy theme song (i still find it catchy xDD) and interesting plotlines. What I did rethink was the quality of the animation - how could i never notice how edgy their movements are? O.o Luckily, it doesn't damage the quality of the show much, but it is something you have to get used to.

    Even though some of the episodes are quite childish, I still like the characters - they are nicely developed. So I still give the show a thums-up for old times sake :)moreless
  • AMAZING!!!

    I loved this show it was fantastic, I remeber watching the original show in 1995. Some things are different, such as Action Man's career. In the old cartoon he was an army guy of some sort, so when I saw this new generation come on tv I was quite excited. I like what what they added to this new show, his ability the AMP factor. It really added a lot of intesity to the show. 1 thing I would like to know though, where did this show go, I can't download it anywhere, and I obviously can't watch it anywhere on TV. What happenedmoreless
  • Alex Mann is a sports star that has a huge responsibility.

    This is quite good. One of the main problems the series has is that the secondary characters are not that good. Only Alex, X and a few other are good. The plots are well written, but X\'s objective is slightly odd. Not making money, world domination or destruction. All he wants is to create a race of mutants. Alex on the other hand is quite a good hero, tough self doubting and insecure, but that’s what makes him so good! The series ran well, and ended marvelously. This is a show worth catching; if you do stick to it the episodes are hard to understand if you don\'t.moreless
  • it was one of the best animated cartoons out there I think

    I thought action man was one of the best shows on tv and then they took it off before the second season even ended. so it was ended before its prime and that was sad, but now it still a long running toy/comic series in europe and has been for quite awhile.
  • Television animation does not get wilder

    Not only does Action Man provide great tv. The show effectively recreates the legend of a classic hero. I find so fascinating how the show integrates the characters and sets of the toy line, but in a very subtle way, by mildly interweaving these items in a creative manner into the story. Action Man is fun, and for those who want to compare this series to Max Steel, here's the difference: Action Man's animation is more colorful and fluid, while Max Steel's animation is less fluid, but the characters on Max Steel are drawn with more lifelike textures. I really hope production of Action Man continues, as this is one of the best of the new cartoons to debut since Batman: The Animated Series.moreless
  • Can't find it
    I've tried to search for this show, but i can't find it anywhere! its not on youtube, Stage 6, etc.Does anyone know where to find ...
  • is there go be another series of action man?
    cause action man is been an good since i start watch it inb 1988.
  • Asazi or Diana?
    As far as I gues, Alex has a slight crush on two women: Asazi and Diana Zerbas. Whitch one of them you think makes a better couple...
  • Question
    Who is your favourite 'Action Man' character and why. I guess I will go first. My favourite is Tempest. Because he is powerful, s...

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