Season 1 Episode 8

Love Sucks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Unknown on FOX

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    As a fan of Hollywood I always like episodes of television that revolve around the backstage workings of TV and film and this showed us just what a table read for a big budget film looks like. The model ending up being fat was a shocking twist, and the resulting lyposuction was even funnier. Humorous doctors are a dime a dozen as just about every form of media incorporates them, but these jocular Asian was hilarious by swiftly going through his vocabulary.

    Great episode of Action tonight, and it's a shame there are only 5 more episodes for me to watch. If only this show aired in 2009, then maybe it would have been a bigger hit, but oh well, it did not.

    And an early appearance by Leslie David Baker who would be immortalized as Stanley Hudson on The Office.