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  • Season 1
    • Proof
    • Dishonesty
    • Plunder
    • Conviction
    • Memory
    • Bloodstains
    • Family
    • Strategy
    • Promise
    • Bargaining
    • Runaway
      Episode 2
      In this episode, Hans is getting a tour of the A.D Police center. Kenji isn't so happy to have Hans as his partner, but they get called in on a mission. Afterwards, Kenji has to chase after an ambulace that's gone on a nano stampede....with Paul inside.
    • Partner
      Episode 1
      In this episode of A.D Police, we are introduced to Kenji Sasaki, a member of the A.D Police. A.D Police are implored to keep to A.D Police work, and to not interfere with regular police work. However, Kenji makes himself interfere with police work, and usually puts them all to shame. Kenji and his partner Paul are called to an area where a boomer is. They split up and Paul arrives there first. However, the boomer is starting the nano-stapede phase, so Paul decides to take action alone. Unfortunately, the boomer 'possesses' a mechanical crane and overwhelms Paul. Kenji arrives later, to discover the boomer gone and Paul in critical condition. Paul is sent to the hospital, while the A.D police receive another call. It would appear that the same boomer has appeared in another location! The group goes together and is able to defeat the boomer. Kenji goes to the bar where he meets a new person, Hans. He just came from Germany, and it's his birthday. Eventually Hans and Kenji fight each other, with Kenji being the victor. Kenji goes to headquarters the next day to find out that Hans is his new partner!moreless
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