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Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • Skywatch /Pt1
      Skywatch /Pt1
      Episode 25
    • Something Worth Dying For (pt 2)

      Malloy recovers from his gunshot wound and returns to patrol with Reed. A reported burglary at a recently opened school for women raises suspicion. An armed young couple breaks into a warehouse full of mannequins. Reed contemplates taking the investigator's exam as he prepares to give a speech in acceptance of the Medal of Valor for saving Malloy's life.

    • Something Worth Dying For (pt 1)

      When his inexperience results in charges against a hype being dismissed, Reed decides to temporarily join the narcotics squad to hone his skills.  The demands of the assignment quickly take their toll on him personally, and his worst fears are realized when Malloy assists in a narcotics bust.

    • Dana Hall
      Dana Hall
      Episode 22

      Filling in again for Sgt. MacDonald, Malloy pairs Reed with the department's first female officer.  An underage drunk driver is enabled by his dismissive mother.  Car strippers target a parking garage. A large group of misfits try to crash a rock concert.

    • Gus Corbin
      Gus Corbin
      Episode 21

      Malloy is asked to fill in for Sgt. MacDonald, leaving Reed to partner with a young probationary officer who lets his judgment be clouded by his constant need to prove himself. A purse snatcher hides inside a church. Burglars target a closed pharmaceutical supply company. An armed robbery suspect becomes cornered in a lumber yard.

    • Operation Action
      Operation Action
      Episode 20

      On his way to an auto mechanic after his shift, Malloy is ambushed and kidnapped by a group of drug runners who plan to use him to secure the release of one of their associates.

    • Suicide
      Episode 19

      Malloy and Reed are on the lookout for a travelling businessman driving a green Pinto, who called his wife in Nebraska and told her he was going to commit suicide at 2 PM. A property manager finds a newborn baby in a garbage can. An elderly woman helps bust a car stripping operation.

    • Follow Up
      Follow Up
      Episode 18

      Reed thinks he's got a great deal lined up on a used boat, but Malloy's convinced there's something fishy going on. The owner of a stolen horse is convinced that it's been sold to a riding academy. An informant provides a tip about a suspicious restaurant parking lot attendant. A socialite accuses Malloy and Reed of stealing her diamond ring.

    • Citizen With Gun
      Citizen With Gun
      Episode 17

      Officer Wells appears to have met his match with a new partner who always insists on doing things his own way. A short-fused husband decides he needs a gun to protect his home. A neglected girl causes a scare while playing with a mannequin. Officers attend firearms re-certification. A mountain climber decides to hone his skills on the side of an abandoned building. A pawn shop robber is chased through a car wash. A homeowner gets trigger-happy when he suspects a prowler is in his backyard.

    • Lady's Night
      Lady's Night
      Episode 16

      Malloy's girlfriend Judy invites Reed and his wife Jean on a double date, but Reed's dedication to his job threatens to interrupt their plans. Cattle from an overturned truck wander into the downtown area. A woman is observed riding her bicycle down residential streets at 45 miles per hour. An aspiring musician steals a guitar. Three men stage a bar fight as a distraction.

    • Pressure Point
      Pressure Point
      Episode 15

      Officer Woods' new partner is a nervous and quiet recruit, and the embarrassing secret he's trying to keep from his fellow officers might actually imperil them. A real estate broker's well-meaning but poorly thought out gesture nearly leads to a mob scene. A drug store owner discovers a way to profit from armed robbers. An armed robbery suspect opens fire during his escape attempt.

    • Victim Of The Crime

      Malloy and Reed are left frustrated after investigating the theft of an elderly woman's prized DuMont television set, but they have hope that a recently passed law might provide her and other victims with compensation. An armed robber is able to get away after shooting an over-trusting shopkeeper. A waitress at a drive-in is targeted by a pair of inexperienced armed robbers.

    • Grand Theft Auto
      Grand Theft Auto
      Episode 13

      A large car theft operation is targeting older cars, then staging them around the city as abandoned vehicles so they can be towed and scrapped. The son of Malloy's girlfriend is suddenly getting bad grades in school. A suspect runs off after robbing an elderly woman for her Old Age Benefits check. A pair of foolish teenagers enter a house that is being fumigated.

    • Pot Shot
      Pot Shot
      Episode 12

      Malloy's early morning trip to the laundromat leads to a chance run in with a drug mule who may provide clues about a new dealing operation in town. A minister-in-training uses a very unorthodox method to get his message across. A Finnish-speaking child becomes separated from her family. Two neighbors become entangled in a convoluted feud. A well-known drug dealer leads officers on a high speed chase.

    • Christmas
      Episode 11

      On Christmas Eve, an elderly man's bagpipe playing is considered a public nuisance. A pair of teenagers steal a delivery truck containing radioactive material. A nervous man is desperate to cover up the smell of perfume on his clothing. A resident from a soon-to-be-closed retirement home buys a Christmas tree, but doesn't have the means to deliver it from the tree lot. A mentally unstable man becomes a sniper after committing an armed robbery.

    • Credit Risk
      Credit Risk
      Episode 10

      After his wife's credit card is turned down attempting to buy a washing machine, an irate Reed begins a long and painful process with his bank to get his credit rating corrected. Facts don't seem to add up in a seemingly simple hit-and-run investigation. Two homesick brothers steal camping gear from a store's basement. A rare error is made during the search for a liquor store robber.

    • Alcohol
      Episode 9

      Officers are on the lookout for an elusive bald serial rapist. The comical antics of an alcoholic land him in jail.  An Asian woman mistakenly donates a wood burning stove that holds her family's life savings.  An overweight woman becomes stuck in a phone booth.

    • Excessive Force
      Excessive Force
      Episode 8

      A frantic door-to-door search takes place in response to the disappearance of a six year old girl, and Malloy's reaction while apprehending her abductor could put his career ambitions in jeopardy.  A man gets stuck in a storm sewer while trying to retrieve his wallet.

    • Lady Beware
      Lady Beware
      Episode 7

      Following their discovery of a serial rapist's latest teenage victim, Malloy and Reed are asked by a female police sergeant to participate in a "Lady Beware" rape defense course for high school students. An elderly career criminal with a heart condition is caught committing a burglary with his young nephew. An out of work actor resorts to desperate measures to obtain groceries. A plain-clothes stakeout is used to apprehend the serial rapist.

    • Point Of View
      Point Of View
      Episode 6

      Sgt. MacDonald feels his wife is neglecting her domestic duties when she gets a job. A tense standoff occurs when a pair of trigger-happy robbery suspects take a female hostage to the roof of a grocery store.  An elderly man reports his wife missing from their retirement home.

    • Suspect Number One

      Malloy tries to help a 60-year-old career criminal he had arrested during his first year on the force, who was recently released and begs to be re-arrested so he can spend his retirement years in the comfort of the federal penitentiary. A homeowner who claims his valuable stamp collection was stolen during a burglary draws suspicion.

    • Roll Call
      Roll Call
      Episode 4

      An anonymous call of shots-fired over the radio leads to an emergency roll-call and frantic search for Motor Officer Grant. Meanwhile, Malloy and Reed respond to a citizen report of an armed robbery in progress at a bar, and Reed goes undercover as a pizza delivery driver to bust a dangerous scam.

    • Team Work
      Team Work
      Episode 3

      As part of a trial program, Malloy and Reed team with Motor Officer Grant to better combat crime. A young member of a neighborhood watch becomes overanxious to make amends after an embarrassing incident during a police safety check at his home. A female witness acts suspiciously at the scene of a traffic accident. The owner of a hotdog stand complains about illegally parked cars. A daylight stakeout is needed to catch a serial burglar.

    • Camp (pt 2)
      Camp (pt 2)
      Episode 2

      Officers Malloy and Woods take a group of children to a youth camp, but Malloy becomes preoccupied with the fourteen-year-old boy he reluctantly brought along, who continues to compensate for his small stature by getting into trouble. Meanwhile, Reed goes on patrol alone, and deals with a woman who uses a unique weapon to fend off an attacker.

    • Camp (pt 1)
      Camp (pt 1)
      Episode 1

      A very troubled boy apprehended during a burglary is in desperate need of a father figure, which compels Malloy to invite him along on an upcoming week-long group camping trip in the mountains. A taxi leads a high speed chase. A motorcycle strikes an elderly pedestrian in a parking lot. A convenience store is the target of an armed robber.

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