Season 1 Episode 11

Log 111: The Boa Constrictor aka Snake In The Trunk

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Dec 07, 1968 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Reed and Malloy receive the call for the report of a stolen car, Reed reaches over to write something on a notepad. In the wide shot, he is seen wearing a short sleeve uniform shirt, but in the close-up of the same shot, the arm seen writing on the pad has a long-sleeve on it.

    • At approximately 15:28, as Malloy pulls the squad car over to check out the 58 Ford on the side of the road, the shadow of a reflector known as a "shiny board" can be seen with it's operator on the road center frame where the police car stops.

      At 15:40 of the same scene, as the car owner walks up in the wide shot, he walks right into the shadow of the camera and the assistant camera operator because of the bright, direct sun behind them.

      When the scene cuts away to Reed listening, and then back to Malloy talking with the car owner, the whole shot is now shaded by flags, no bright sun, and no shadows of crew and camera.

    • The tag number on the first white Ford convertible Reed and Malloy investigate is LNI452. This is not a valid California tag number. I's were never used as the third letter on the tag right next to a number because there could be confusion looking at the tag at a distance if a "1" and an "I" were back to back. So all I's and O's were never used as the third letter on California tags.

    • At around 19:15 into the episode, while Malloy and Reed are driving in their police cruiser, a shading device called a "solid" can be seen at the very top edge of the camera's frame. These "flags" are used to keep the reflection off of the windshield so the camera can "see" better through the glass.

    • During a conversation with Ms. Tipton, Malloy reveals that his birthday falls on March 17th.

  • Quotes

    • (to Malloy after being rescued from a burning building)
      Junkie: Hey...I wanna..thank saved our guys in the Fire, I'll tell're the greatest.

      Malloy: Wrong department, friend. We're the police.

      Junkie: Fuzz..lousy, stinking fuzz.

      Malloy: Don't give it another thought.

    • (driving away from scene of two women spraying water on each other across their yard fence)
      Malloy: Would you mind telling me how you managed that?

      Reed: Well first I told them that if they didn't cooperate, I'd have to take them in. Didn't seem to make any difference.

      Malloy: I'll bet.

      Reed: Then I told them they'd have their pictures taken down at the station...exactly the way they looked. That calmed them right down.

      Malloy: I'll have to remember that.

    • (Jane Tipton has just told Malloy about the snake in the trunk of her stolen car)
      Jane Tipton: Oh, and uh, when you open the trunk, would you be a little careful?
      Malloy: You can count on it!

    • (as Reed checks out a possible stolen car with a snake in the trunk, which is partially open and parked under a tree)
      Malloy: They like to climb trees...and drop down on things.

      Reed: (jumping back) Thanks! there anything else you'd like to tell me?

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