Season 1 Episode 10

Log 132: Producer

Aired Saturday 7:30 PM Nov 30, 1968 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The address for the Free Form Swim Wear shop, 4371 N. Central, and 456 Bennington for the woman with a prowler, are both bogus addresses in the Los Angeles area.

    • Tommy, the boy who got his head stuck in the iron fence, was played by Richard Steele, who acted as a child star in the late 60s and early 70s. He would later work in the industry as a sound editor and sound designer on shows like Heroes, Baywatch Nights, and Matlock.

    • When Reed and Malloy take the call about the boy with the stuck head, as the patrol car turns and Malloy says "I see it", out the back of the window you see a nice park in the background with some widely spaced trees. But when the camera immediately goes wide a second later, there is no park, but a hedgerow of very thick trees. This lack of continuity comes from shooting the closeup scene while out on a public highway, and then shooting the same wide shot on the studio backlot.

    • The phone number given by the sultry woman, 763-4699, is not an active number in the Los Angeles area.

    • The roles of Lee Stanley (Officer Johnson) and Claude Johnson (Officer Brinkman) are mistakenly switched during the closing credits.

  • Quotes

    • Reed: Seriously, Malloy.

      Malloy: Seriously, what?

      Reed: No, oughta.

      Malloy: Really I oughta what?

      Reed: Come, on. Quit acting like I was about to ask you to take a puppy.

      Malloy: Did I say you were about to ask me to take a puppy?

      Reed: No.

      Malloy: Then don't say I said it 'til I say it....Are you about to ask me to take a puppy?

      Reed: Yes.

      Malloy: NO. I will NOT take a puppy!

      Reed: What's the matter with you? Ya hate dogs?

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