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  • The Beginning of the Modern Police Series

    This was and still is one of the best if somewhat dated cop shows to be seen in the history of TV. Martin Milner ("13 Ghosts") and Kent McCord are two very likeable guys who just have a job as they show us the real life of being a police officer and its responsibilites. They also show us just how idiotic criminals and law breakers really are in an age before criminals, gang members and drug-pushers became comic material for shows like "Unsolved Mysteries," "America's Most Wanted" and "World's Strangest Police Chases.". A perfect example is how the officers will go to bust a guy who just robbed a bank. "The car's stolen," Reed says, "The guy just got out on good behavior." They chase the guy down, pin the cuffs on him and the idiot screams, "I'm not going back !" You have to wonder why the idiot broke the law in the first place if he doesn't want to go back. Wouldn't the logical thing would be to go straight ? Maybe that's what makes this show so fascinating is that it's a study of human behavior through the eyes of the police. This series was the original for so many modern police show dramas as well as the modern police reality shows. The only thing we have close to "Adam 12" today is probably "Cops" and to a lesser extent, "Police Videos," but like too often, it's the original that is superior.
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