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  • Adam-12 follows the life of two LA cops through their daily routines and not so routine days. Adam 12 is based on actual events and produced by Jack Webb the creator and star of Dragnet.

    Officers Pete Maloy (Martin Milner) and Jim Reed (Kent McCord) star as two LAPD beat cops making their way through the daily ins and outs of police work. The first episode introduces the character. Jim Reed is a recent graduate of the police academy and Pete Maloy the vetran cop. They are at first don't get along because Maloy is convinced that Reed will get them both killed. But evetually the two become friends. As the series progressed the subject matter reflected the times and issues of the day. Taken from real incidents by Los Angeles police officers giving the show a sense of realism. As a child I remember watching this show with my parents and wanting to be like the men in the show. It made me have a deep respect for the police and all the things they have to go through.