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  • I just spent an entire weekend over the Christmas break, watching the DVD's of the first two seasons of Adam 12.

    I was but a "young-un" when this show was on the air, but I loved it and then and I love it now. I do recall it making me want to be a cop myself, back in the days when, in reality, a female cop was only good enough to answer phones! Needless to say, if I could not be in a car with "Pete Malloy" I did not want the job!
    Watching then, I was certain I was seeing the "real thing". Watching now, it still seems relevant in the stories portrayed, but its almost as much fun looking at the cars parked on the streets, and egads(!), the clothes we wore, and I swear to the world I NEVER said the word "groovy"!
    Two street cops with no cell phones, no semi automatic pistols, SWAT was a novel possibility and someone had just had the bright idea that a helicopter might be a great aid to the policeman on the ground! And still, the job got done...imagine that...
    I can't wait for the remaining five seasons to be released. Adam 12 is proof positive you CAN go back!